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    Good point. I also play both CoD and BF. At first, I was kind of doing the same thing as you. I found many aspects of BF3 hard to learn, and the user-friendly gameplay of CoD made me keep choosing to play it over BF3. Like you did though, I went back and became more accustomed to BF3, and now I enjoy playing both series equally. I think they're both great games, but can't be compared side by side and each game needs to be taken for wha it is.

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    @ Submit2MyWill - Thank you for saying this. It seems like such a simple idea that these are two completely different style of FPS games. And different doesn't mean bad. I've been playing both CoD and BF for some time now, I enjoy them both, and I will be getting both Ghosts and BF4 because I have no doubts that they are both going to be good games in their own right.

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    True. No matter how much fun any game is, if you spend enough time playing it, there will be a certain level of boredom that comes with that.

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    I don't get why they compare games. Sure they're both FPS games but that's it really.

    I'll be getting both games as well.

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    I also find the "hating" silly, since the game has yet to be released. And there are more maps to be seen and MP matches to be played. With the new perks system people have started seeing "problems", yet we have yet to get our hands on the game with this perk system.


    Why not wait until the game comes out, we get our hands on it and play a little. Then see what our actual experience of the game is, instead of responding to "pretend" gameplay. It's stupid.


    Personally, I'm more excited about Ghosts from the bigger better maps alone. Part of what has made COD "stale" to me has been the tiny maps. With tiny maps you only have ONE playstyle. Clusterfk. Talk about boring!! With multiple sized maps, we will have more playstyles that suit our own tastes, then this crap BO2 we've been dealt. I've lost faith in Treyarch. They're going to have to pull a rabbit out of their collective hats before I even think of buying their next version of COD. I know I'm jumping the gun. But, BO2 has left such a bad taste in my mouth its hard to ignore its affect on my respect for Treyarch.

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    im_unknown wrote:


    Before I begin, this is going to be a relatively lengthy post, so I'd appreciate if you took the time to read though it and comment. Like many of you, I've been watching the first gameplay videos of Ghosts as they have been coming out, and I've been reading through many of the discussions people have brought up. What I don't understand is the amount of negative feedback that people have been offering up after getting a first look at Ghosts. First off, I have seen many people saying how little innovation there actually is and how it's just the same old Call of Duty multiplayer. I think people need to realize that innovation does not necessarily refer to something that hasn't been in an FPS before, but rather refers to new features or progression withing the CoD franchise. Features such as the knee slide, leaning around corners, and mantling objects without breaking stride are all new features to CoD multiplayer, and I personally am excited to see how these change the gameplay. Another feature that is again not necessarily innovative in the FPS genre, but it is within CoD, is dynamic maps. I think this is going to be great for the game. It just makes it a little harder to memorize the maps and learn all the spots to sit in for cheap kills, which I think is going to keep the game a little faster paced and have people thinking on their feet a bit more. Also, the huge amount of customization in this game is building on what Treyarch did in Black Ops 2. Personally, I love how you are able to customize the entire online experience, from your soldier's appearance all the way down to the standard create-a-class. Also, more new weapons, killstreaks, and perks means that we might actually see some variety in what people use in their loadouts for once. To people who don't like all the customization features that Ghosts brings, there's a simple solution: DON'T USE IT. It's in the game to give people more variety, which is good for the game. If you don't like something, don't use it. I'm also very interested to see how the whole Squads system is going to work. I think it could be a neat addition to the series, and people who are saying it is stupid have far too little information on it to judge at this point. So when it comes to innovation WITHIN the CoD franchise, I actually do think Ghosts has made some progress. While the multiplayer gameplay itself is your pretty standard Call of Duty gameplay, I don't think this is a bad thing at all. Now before you all start hating on me, let me explain. CoD is designed to be a fast-paced, arcade-style shooter with lots of gunfights and close quarter action. This is the system they have built the series around, and despite all the negativity, it is extremely successful. I've seen so many people on these forums saying "IW just lost a customer. BF4 for me". I honestly find this to be a very poorly thought out response. BF and CoD are not the same game. They are not meant to be the same game, nor will they ever be. I am a fan of both series, and I like playing each just as much as the other. BF is more slow-paced, strategic, and often longer-ranged combat. Also, it is a more immersive FPS than CoD without question, which I love. However, that doesn't make Ghosts bad. What Ghosts offers is just a fresher version of what people have grown to love with the CoD franchise. Fast-paced, non-stop, in your face action. While less strategic (unless playing competitively), and requiring less skill to play overall, CoD games are still a ton of fun to play in their own right. I strongly believe that Ghosts will be a fantastic game that brings a different variation of CoD multiplayer than what we are used to, while still maintaining the style of gameplay that people play THIS game for. Which is the fast-paced, up close and personal FPS that has been so successful for the series. The system that CoD has is extremely popular and it actually does work. So there's no need to completely overhaul it and try to turn it into a game that it's not. Adding some cool new features, keeping it fresh, and making minor improvements are all that Ghosts needs to be a fantastic game, and to me, that's what it looks like IW has done.



    why? because of horrible lag compensation in BO1, BO2, MW3 and broken matchmaking

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    There's nothing wrong with negative feedback about the game.


    Personally, I think it's good to share your concerns about the game before it comes out. Reason being that there are people (like myself) who try to avoid the "COD hype" bandwagon and not get so "super excited" about it.


    In all honesty, I did like what I see (so far) but I did notice a couple of flaws which I can forsee the community will complain about and there are a number of concerns unanswered by the devs team (i.e. connectivity, matchmaking, post-lauch support plans etc).


    So complaining about complainers isn't the answer, If people didn't share their concerns, these concerns would be left unanswered and could potentially become a problem after the game launches.

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    Ghosts isn't the same game as BO1, BO2, or MW3. Why don't we all just wait until Ghosts launches before making assumptions that it is going to have these issues as well. It's still early days

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    I am not at all complaining about the people who have been complaining about Ghosts so far. I also think that constructive criticism and feedback is good, and is an essential part to making the game better. What I tend to have a hard time understanding, is the people that just knock the game and say that it's the same old CoD and that they lost a customer come November. My issue with complaining about it being the "same old CoD" is the fact that the system that CoD has been using has been extremely popular, and people keep coming back for more, so why change it drastically? And my issue with them saying that the game looks awful and they lost a customer, is the fact that the gameplay we have seen is still being worked on. What we've seen isn't the final product, so I think people should be a bit less judgemental of what we've seen so far.

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    There's a difference about sharing concerns and hating the series just for the sake of it.

    I have concerns about connectivity and match making as well.


    Some people will hate this game no mattter what the devs do. They could come out and say "we're using dedicated servers this time around for everybody" and people would moan because they haven't used them before.

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