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(PS3)Looking for a clan good player, can hold a 2.50kd easy.


13 years old


Looking for a big clan

I want a clan that's not in the clan tag but has the clan name in the psn

Plays a good amount

Never tried gb's but if that's what the clan does ill do it

And last of all a clan that will also go into cod ghosts

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    We don't meet your requirements, but if you're willing to wait around 2 weeks for the clan to start,  you won't regret joining. (Or join one, and contact me when I get the PS3 again)


    We were a pretty big clan, around 30 members, big enough so EVERYONE knows each other.


    We have our clan name in the tag....but I am thinking of making a NOOB acount and pretend to suck, and when we finally go against a 2.0 KDR clan, we'd make them rage quit the game haha. (Maybe we make a fake clan tag for that)


    I'd play A LOT when I get the PS3 august 30th, but people on my clan website play.


    We're pretty much a family, have people who have been waiting since February for me to get PS3 and haven't joined a clan just to stay loyal (:


    Most of us were 2.0 KDR on our first account, new account we'd prefer a steady 4.0 KDR player.



    Oh yeah, how much time do you have played on that account? You might not meet requirements...but you can still check us out on our website ;D






    We are a TOP PLAYERS ONLY clan

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    lvl: 42

    Members: 81

    Clan kd:1.73


    - Active weekly

    - 2.00 kd or higher

    - Participate in clan battles





    Hey guys NationofAssassins is recruiting. Wanna know a little about us? Well were active daily,we always go for the win,and we are team orientated. Were also diverse and play alot of diffrent game modes such as,kill confirmed,groundwar,demolition,domination,tdm,capture the flag,hq,hardpoint,and sometimes even search and destroy. Were also competitive,and do clan battles almost daily. Im looking for members that are active daily,or every other day,and communicate well. If anyone is interested in joining then what are you waiting for? Apply now! heres the link https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2275418


    Also we want to start a youtube channel,so we can record our clan battles. So if you have a youtube,and can record for us then apply now


    We meet all your requirements sepfore the one with the psn names sorry.