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Diff sensitivities for diff U profiles ??


So here`s the deal.. Ive owned 3 consoles, yes 3 wiiUs since release for differening reasons, but get this.


My 1st U was a basic white, took me ages to get my settings right to suit my style - when I got it sorted I felt good playing, apart from the lag. Most gun stats where between 1.50-1.70, all pistols between 1.9-2.1


Sold that, and got another U a month later, used the exact same settings, and yet after playing through 5 prestiges, my stats dropped, didnt feel anywhere near the same, and I played the exact same as always, same setups etc, but it never felt comfy, stats dropped to 1.30 most guns, 1.1 on shotties and pistols, smgs all under 1.00


Sold that and got a deluxe a month or so later - took me about 4 weeks to get my settings to feel decent, not perfect but decent. Managed to get to prestige 2 level 35, gun stats still poor at around 1.1 to 1.40, I blame the lag for that, but it doesnt feel perfect and im losing fights I should be winning.  Made a second account on my current U yesterday just to see how I go playing TDM as im sick of running into parties in domination, and I use the EXACT same settings as my main profile, but the game plays completely differently. The settings make me feel sick, its like im on acid. The reticles all over the place, and I lowered my settings to below medium (I usually play on 35ish horizontal, 25 vertical, 20 cam sensitivity, - and I dropped these to like 17,10,5) and it still felt sickly. Went back to my main profile, felt perfect, changed back felt sickly. I messed around with settings on my secondary account, and it took me ages to get themthe same feel as my primary account, but the numbers are WAY lower.


WTF is going on................

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    PS My mate brought his U round to try his speeds - he gets 4 bars connections on my internet playing on ANY search option. I have to play on BEST to get 4 bars, or im 3 bars on normal, and 1 bar on ANY. This has been the same on all my 3 Us.


    He does play xbox too, and him and his son agreed that the U has a near perfect connection with very little lag, compared to the xbox. His kdr on xbox is like 1,03, and on the U, after 2 prestiges he`s got a 4.2 kdr, and hes not even good. I was amazed when he got a nuclear, and that 8 man kill playercard thing before he was level 17! Hes plays using the gamepad - is the gamepad that OP? Can I add he played MW3 on wii, and his kdr was about 0.5 and the guy generaly blows at FPS yet has a 4+ kdr on bo2 - I watched him play at his house ans he literally sees people who never fire back - so much so he stopped playing as it was boring for him.


    Does this prove diff U`s have diff connectivity speeds? Does this prove that this game is all about connection rather than skill?

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      well searching on best is gonna set you in a match where everyone has decent internet, but wont have any effect your connection right? i mean you could search on best with a terrible connection and your just gonna sit there. idk how it works, those bars seem like ping to host, or maybe upload? god forbid we get any "help".

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        BEST search, according to Vonderhaar gaurantees you a 100 or less ping to the host of the lobby you end up playing in - thats wht if none are available it sticks you in a lobby on your own, and will join people to your lobby - IF someone joins who`s 100 ping near you they`ll host , IF no one joins with a decent enough ping YOU become host, so that the treyarch machine isnt backing down on its best search gaurantee. You find a game on best, you got 4 bars 99% of the time.


        As soon as I drop to any search, im insta 3 bars and I lag, I search on any and I get 1 bar teleporting gameplay. Thats why, this game, I cant party much as I lag like crazy and look like a fool .


        Theres summat to do with the time zones too, as once we in the UK hit around 7pm and the USA guys get online to play, our gameplay hits the wall


        To prove a point, I started my new profile today, aiming to just play TDM to avoid all the full parties BS and just see how do playing a little more laid back. This morning I played about 6 tdms, diff lobby for every game, won them all, had a 7.50 kdr using just the mtar, roughly got around 90 kills for 12 deaths - logged on about 30 mins ago, played 3 TDMs, lost all 3, big negative every game, cant hit a barn door with a banjo, im getting destroyed by invisible people, and my kdr has now dropped to 2 from 7.5 - wheras today id see a guy, lock on, and kill him pretty quickly, no recoil, felt very good - tonight, the aim is wavery as hell, I cant hold a target, it takes a lot longer to kill a guy, and im checking corners, there`s no one there, then I suddenly die and a guy was there he just didnt appear on my screen. Baffles me, and infuriates me.

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    Seems that it's a frequent problem...the patches screwed up the settings. They do not make any sense. I haven't had your particular issues, however I feel like if I go to practice against bots, and find the right settings, then multiplayer feels different, not as point sharp as I found while training.


    There's nothing we can do, usually support for COD on Nintendo consoles last less than a year.

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      We played together in BO1 and MW3 right, and we were both very good, bith had decent connections if I recall correctly. Then we tried to party at the start of this game, and 1 of us always had a red bar and couldnt hit anything.


      Its kinda spoiled the game for me, as I liked to party up, and if I do in this game my experience suffers badly and I look like a schmuck