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August 14 = Ghosts Day


That is when the multiplayer of Ghosts will be revealed (http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Call-Duty-Ghosts-Multiplayer-Revealed-August-14 th-57921.html). The official site will also be livestreaming the event.


Finally, we'll see what IW has decided to put into the next CoD. Let's hope they didn't bring back deathstreaks and Last Stand, eh?

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    lets hope.

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    play online from multaple servers, prove there is much better lag comp.

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    codcanuck wrote:


    bring back deathstreaks and Last Stand, eh?

    I gotta say this.  I enjoyed second chance in Black Ops.  But ONLY because everyone used it.  Which means everyone on my team used it.  And most of the time when I tried to revive them they would get killed.  Right as they were thanking me on the mic they would get shot, or we would both be blown up by a grenade.  And I just found that absolutely hilarious.  I laughed so hard everytime it happened.  It happened a lot and I laughed every time.  ,ost of the time that made them laugh too. 


    That's the only reason I enjoyed it.  I don't want it in any game again.  If i want to laugh about it I'll go play Black Ops.