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town getting to round 40 my experience


ok here is my experience with town i just got to round 40 and all I can say is that the mustang and sally are your best friend explosives in general are extremely helpful my biggest mistake was switching out the mustang and sally and getting the gernade launcher from the box and pack a punching it I am really excited to see if I can get higher by using the new raygun mrk 2 but yea one thing that kinda sucked was that after round 35 if you are using an assualt rifal you can expect all the ammo to be finished in 1 round even light machine guns I noticed that all the ammo was being used in one round even when they were pack a punched I plan on seeing if a can get to a higher round sometime next week in case you were wondering I was just training the zombies outside of the building were you find quick revive if things got out of hand I would run into the building and wait until my health would regenerate and then jump back down