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Looking for small Clan!


Hey! I'm looking for a small clan. I can do anything with a sniper! (unless you're better) I love trickshotting, feeding, quickscoping, having fun, and just anything!


My Gamertag: Nycey. Invite me if you're interested in letting me tryout!

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    whats your ratio

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    Hello Nycey,

    My name is Kristen and I’m contacting you on behalf of my clan, PTFX! We are a dedicated military-strategic clan with focus on squad-based tactics, solid communication, good sportsmanship, and playing to win. Our focus is Black Ops 2 on the 360, and we participate in all CoD: ELITE challenges and play all game modes, but our specialty is Capture The Flag. Ultimately, our goal is to become a competitive, tournament-winning clan. We have both male and female clan members, all who are friendly, enjoy playing as a team and communicating, and will work with you to improve your skills! We’re always looking for new members, and since our size isn’t astronomical (we have about 8 members with two almost in the clan at this point), you’ll get the attention every clan member deserves! We require that you be 16 years of age or older, have a working headset, a positive K/D, and a Score Per Minute of at least 200 (However, some exceptions may be made for players who demonstrate exceptional skill and teamwork in spite of poor stats). If you think you might be interested in joining, visit our Facebook Page to learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/PTFxClan or visit our forums at: http://ptfx.proboards.com - My GamerTag is Kdrummer89. Hope to play with you soon!




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    PTFX Second Lieutenant (O1)


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    $TEAMTOXIC$ would love to have new members, we play alot of zombies and team death match, but we play every competition we can.

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    My clan is pretty small, I can trickshot and quickscope. I am looking for some sniper players as well, so my clan, G3AR is willing to have you. Just message me on xbox live, Gamertag is CrucifixDead.