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    actually sal is married and has a 5 year old boy named tommy.

  • 61. Re: Next Zombie Map ideas

    1) Where the events of Shi No Numa occured


    2) I have no clue




    4) oppy


    5) Mob Of The Dead


    Here's your insanely hard test


    1) Who is Stanley Fuergonson ?


    2) What prisoner is Finn?


    3)How Many Radios are on Acsension?


    4) What is the upgraded crossbow called?


    5) (PREPARE FOR DIFFICULTY) What is the only zombie map that is a geomitric structure?


    6) Samuel is missing a body part, what body part?


    7) Chronlogically, what was the first zombie map?


    8) If a Zombie has red eyes this means that it is being controlled by who ?

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    Divorced. I said he isn't married. Not that he ever was.

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    You got all of them wrong except number 1 (kind of).


    2) One son. 5 years old.


    3) No. It's the "Eagle's Nest".


    4) Depends on which limerick you chose. You just wrote the user.

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    5) What? No! Area 51.

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    Okay I have a quiz for you



    In ascension, what is the "mystery mans" first name? :

    Whats the name of the guy that invented dg2. :

    Whats the name of the man that invented porters x2 raygun? :

    How many zombies can be spawned at the same time in solo? :

    Whats the name of the trapped british dude in shangri-la? :

    On round 1, how do you maximize your points? :

    Write all shangri-la zombie types (including the ones that you have to use weapons to make) :

    What does the focusing stone do? :


    Whats the "shrink guns" normql real name and papd real name? :

  • 66. Re: Next Zombie Map ideas

    *cough cough*31-79 JGb215

  • 67. Re: Next Zombie Map ideas

    1) Gersh doesn't have a first name.


    2) Your kidding me right? Dr. Richtofen.


    3) Maxis made the prototype while Dr. H. Porter finished it off AND made the "Porter's X2 Ray Gun".


    4) These are the easiest questions ever. 24.


    5) Um, there are two. And there is no heavy indication they're British. Brock and Gary.


    6) *Sighs*. Let them break through all the barriers. Once they are in, round all 10 up. Put an entire mag into their legs while grouped up, then knife them all. Therefore, still having plenty of ammo for round 2.


    7) Crawlers, walkers, runners, sprinters, all of those in their shrunken form with the 31-79 JGb215 as well. Then there is the Shrieker and Napalm zombies, also in their shrunken forms.


    8) In Shangri-La, it gives you all 8 perks when obtained, but when fused with the Golden Rod, it is a key to reset the MPD, making it so you would need to refill the souls in it a second time to switch bodies with Samantha with Richtofen.


    9) Un-Pack-A-Punched - 31-79 JGb215.                  Pack-A-Punched - The Fractalizer.

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    I'll be testing you. Just for fun, who arent bragging or anything. This is a damn hard test.


    1) What was the first zombie map to have a song ?


    2) What map has a bountiful amount of element 115, but after the easter egg, it wil be gone ?


    3) What map has less than 4 perks ?


    4) What is the only zombie map to have pack a punch, but also not have the pack a punch on the map at all ?


    5) What is Weasel's first name?


    6) I am zombie . I am weak to water, and I am difficult to kill. Who am I ?


    7) What zombie maps country is unkown ?


    8) What was the first zombe map with a cutscene ?

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    at the end of buried maxis says he is going to argatha to find samantha my guess would be that the old characters and samantha got teleported to argatha through the moon teleporters as for the mob of the dead crew they are dead and so is the crew in buried at the end of the maxis easter egg in buried he said neither the earth nore it's people well survive so my guess would be that the characters from transit and die rise are dead treyarch is going to go insane with the last map and I can't wait for it if the rumors are true then we well probably find out about it in a couple of weeks

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