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I need help with Mob of the Dead Achievements




My Gamertag is BamDeafPie

Skype is joeythedeafninja

Please use skype for communiate!


                                                                                         I need help with all achievements:

Pop Goes The Weasel

Trapped in Time

GG Bridge (UPDATE: DONE! 7/29/2013)

A Burst of Flavor

Full Lockdown

Acid Drip (UPDATE: DONE! 7/29/2013)

Making the Rounds (UPDATE: DONE! 7/29/2013)


Once these are done, if enough time left then I need help with rest of achievements



Don't Fire Until You See

Standard Equipment May Vary


>>>Die Rise<<<

Mad Without Power




Awaken the Gazebo

Mazed and Confused


>>>Diner Turned<<<


Monkey See, Monkey Down

I See Live People