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Stop spoofing guns.


Since my old post was apparently deleted before I could read the comments.

I'm reposting this until I am heard.


Stop making changes to the guns efficiency .

A.K.A spoofing the guns.
Revert the guns to how they were when the game first came out.

Your giving campers more powerful guns to camp with, aka, m8a1, swat, and other guns.

We need to stop changeing the guns performence based on your own damn desires and revert it to what it was originally, I'm tired of having to switch to another gun because you guys keep changing the guns performence .

Majority of the community I game with has noticed the difference in gun performence on the xbox360 platform.

please fix



Best regards.

Xbox gamer.


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    Sorry but not going to happen. The devs have every right to change the guns to suit how they feel they should be used no matter if you or anyone else agree's or not. So no they do not ever have to revert them back to how they were just to make you happy, nor is it going to happen in this game. Either adapt and deal with it or quit playing the game.


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      For one,

      The game was made for the players, not for the developers.

      Second, sure you got rid of the auto fire fal, but there's other similar guns, like the m8a1, or the swat, which tend to be currupted.

      I simply vote, go back to the way the game was, stop changing it.

      I know what spoof means.







      A humorous imitation of something: "a Robin Hood spoof".




      Imitate (something) while exaggerating its characteristic features for comic effect: "“Scary Movie” spoofs horror movies".



      nounhoax - parody
      verbcheat - trick - bamboozle - hoax - fool

      I'm refering to the guns getting jacked up and the game-play changing repeatedly.

      The game should be fair , and not based on the changes you guys make to it.

      By changing the guns, you're increasing the probabilty of another gun being TOO strong.

      Keep it even, no gun should be TOO powerful.

      Obviously anyone with half a brain can figure that out.

      and maps aren't getting small, they're getting bigger.

      EX: the new map packs.

      Why would you spoof guns?

      There is no valid reason to downgrade the guns, so maybe some people do better with a PDW

      if i start doing better with the SMR, you going to downgrade that too?

      Is your goal to downgrade what people are good at using?

      you'll never get anywhere with that kind of thinking.

      IF my account gets deleted, i'll simply make another one.

      After all this is a fourm and my voice needs to be heard.

      Fourms are for discussion which is exactly what I'm doing.


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        Your voice doesnt really need to be heard since its not saying anything.

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        Maps are getting smaller, in WaW and MW and MW2 and BO the maps were larger than those in BO2. So yes the maps have gotten smaller not larger.


        This game is inherently not meant to be 100% balanced ever because of the perks and attachments which alter how a player and gun can function in the game. So it will never be 100% balanced or fair according to how you think or want.


        The devs make the game, they decide what is fair, not the players ever. The devs make the choices of waht is in the game based on input from players, but ultimately the devs have the final say on what is what in the game not the players ever and never will.


        This forum is run by a private entity and they can block you or delete or change anything you put here no matter what you may want to think about that. It is their forum their rules, the choice on what is allowed or not. So no matter what you want to think, no your voice does not have to be heard if it is deemed problematic to the forums. They do not have to let you post here ever if they dont want too.


        What you call jacked up or a parody is called balancing and is something the devs have every right to do in what ever means they feel is needed regardless if you think so or not. You do not control them, you do not decide, they do. Your only power is to play or not, and buy the game or not. For they do not have to take anything you say serious ever, they can if they choose to; but they do not have to no matter what you think.


        You do not own the game or the rights to tell them how to make the game or what they can or cannot change about the game ever.

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    ill stop spoofing guns immediately.


    by the way. you may want to look up what spoof means.

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    ya lets go back to select fire fal being braindead god mode
    thank god youre not in charge

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    Campers barely see any success on these small maps, every gun that has been nerfed has needed it, the only gun that has been overnerfed imo is the MSMC. Some guns need more nerfs, none need to be reverted.

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      The MSMC is still a very strong gun, remaining one the best all around guns in the game.  No need to whine about that one.


      I agree that guns need balancing and should be balanced as the developers never had the initial intention of any single gun being OP.  The PDW is a good example- when the game first came out, or shortly there after, it was silly effective with no kick, huge clip and great strength.  It was catching on so fast that it seemed everyone was packing one.  Now the gun is still very strong just not silly strong.


      I do not agree with any of the complaining about gun balancing.  You don't like it then go develop your own game.

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    Maybe if you joined conversations already taking place about this very issue you wouldn't keep getting your posts deleted as Spam. Think you would have learned by now, but by your complete misuse of the word "spoof" I shouldn't be shocked, I suppose. Respect the rules.


    Sorry, but I trust the Metrics and stats that the Devs use more than your perception of how things should be. Remember, you see things from your Point Of View, they get a big picture of how the game is impacted overall.


    I, for one, commend them for keeping up with the state of the game and how its elements are performing. You may not like or agree with every change, but the intention is for the betterment of the game as a whole. Imagine how boring it would be if the game stayed the same from Release Day on.... These changes are necessary for balance.

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      sadly a lot of people don't care about balance and wouldn't care if everyone was only using one or two guns

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        People argue on here and elsewhere all the time about the merits of HC vs Core.


        My reason for the switch to HC? It was always weapon balance. Not because it is easier to kill, the lack of Radar, or anything else (though I do like the overall presentation and gameplay better).


        I loved COD4. I loved WaW. I loved MW2. But what always frustrated me was the fact that certain weapons had an advantage. I would unload on an enemy in WaW only to have them turn on me and hit me with a shot or two from their MP40. It came to a head for me in MW2, when in addition to the numerous issues that game had early on I got tired of having to use the UMP 45 or SCAR in order to have any success. Every other weapon seemed pretty irrelevant.


        When I switched to HC, I was able to use every weapon, which I love. Variety is always better than monotony. The guns still had a unique feel and some were more powerful than others... the difference was you still had an equal opportunity to get the kill as long as you had tactical advantage and superior aim(well, most of the time ). But it made all the guns viable.


        THAT is what balance is. Every gun is a viable and useful choice. You can have differences in Power, but the true balance should come from how the guns feel and handle. More powerful? Should be more difficult to use. Increase the recoil/sway, etc. Easier to use guns could have lower damage, etc, etc. I think people miss this.


        It is EXTREMELY boring to have everyone using the same weapon/weapons. No, I don't want every gun to be exactly the same, but I do want them to be balanced. I like that the Devs are staying on top of these issues. In my mind, the fact that folks like the OP are complaining means they are on the right track.

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        Wait....there are more than two guns?

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    I believe the word you're looking for is perhaps nerf, handicap, gimp, slight, etc....


    And in response to your requests, no.  Swarmball (a.k.a. headless chicken mode) is the last thing this game needs, especially with the map size/spawn system as it is.  And don't get me started on Lightweight.


    This COD doesn't have nearly the amount of 'campers' as previous ones, and yet you can still play defensive.  It seems to me you want another UMP45/Mp40 type weapon that plays the game for you...

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    they only change they should of made was to remove quickscoping and make it like in black ops , thats all they shouldve done