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UGENT! For Activison workers who are working on Black Ops 2 Zombies


I am going to rant and ask in nice way.


RANT: It has been quite time since Black Ops 2 released. You people have still failed to provide unique communaite for Deaf players like me. There are few games that has text chat ingame feature for 360 and PS3 like Defliance and Final Fantasy XIV. I know you did that for PC only. So why you don't do for 360 and PS3 too? Zombies have characters dialogue. What happened to captions? I believe we all deserve this features. you should add captions in options for Zombies so Hearing players don't have to see caption for whole time. They can turn off. You knew there are Deaf players that do play Zombies and actually want to know the whole story in Zombies. Yet, you didn't add captions for it? Easter eggs require teamwork and communaite and you actually haven't thought about that for Deaf players?


So, can you please add ingame text chat command that supports USB keyboard and captions for Zombies? You can do that with patch stuff. I know you all are capable of that.


Hope to read your replies soon.





EDIT: I think I need to clear up in simple way.


Black ops 2 for PC do have ingame text commands as always. It been like that for many ages. However this game doesn't have captions for Zombies.


Consoles such as Xbox360 and PS3 do support USB keybaord and like that. But this game; Black Ops 2, doesn't have ingame text command for consoles. Also no captions for Zombies on both consoles. So I asking Treyarch to please consider this and do for Deaf players. Not only us, for hearing players also. They need captions also.


EDIT 2: Got a comment from techinal support, they are forwarding this post to proper dept. Hope they will make it happen

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