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So What Do You Think Is Wrong With Black Ops 2 Zombies?


I first want start out in saying please keep this mature. We all have different opinions, so please don't bring someone else down.


That being said, I have seen a lot of negative feedback towards Black Ops 2 Zombies, for one reasons or another. Especially with Tranzit, which technically is one of the biggest maps ever developed by Treyarch, but that is only so because of the routes from town to town covered in fog and those damn Denzians.


My Opinion:


The only maps I have a problem with are the sub maps, such as town, diner, ext.


I liked the idea that was implemented in BO2 where there were gimmicks in each map.


Tranzit: Traveling from town to town either on foot or by bus to survive the hoard that bears on you from every direction.


Die Rise: Being incased in two primary buildings having to travel vertically to supply your self with a decent defense against the undead.


Mob Of The Dead: Trapped in almost a dream like sequence being tasked with building a plane to escape from the dread prison of their minds...


Buried: Explore a almost haunted mine site with a buried western town.


Buried it a little harder to think of a solid gimmick. In any case, when taking these descriptions, you see that these maps are much more complicated then the old maps ever where. When I think of call of the dead, all I think of is of the perks and guns I need to acquire.


So in the end, BO2 Zombies did go through a change, but I think it was necessary. Else, we would have just been playing more of the same.


Again this is just my opinion. Please voice yours!

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    Easy this is what happens every DLC



    More Glitches

    More Patches


    Crappy Guns

    Crappy Perks

    Crappy Maps

    Crappy Easter Egg

    Should i continue?

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    i really hate the fact that if you have perma perk from buried some one can take it from you if they refibrilize you or put down a time machine and hit it right away to revive you. really pisses me off

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    What's wrong with zombies in BO2? These are my opinions;


    1. Even after they've admitted that we want more objectives (think back to characters quotes from Black Ops 1), we still have the same formula; Main EE, "Turn on Power", 1-3 songs, and... uh, that's it? Mob of the Dead was able to add a few side objectives (Spork, Redeemer), but most of the EEs/sidequests suffer from point number 2....


    2. The existing EE/objectives have weak rewards.

    Tranzit EE reward? A feeling of accomplishment.

    Nuketown reward? If you want to be technical, some radio messages about what's currently happening back on Moon.

    Die Rise reward? Another "YOU DID IT!" feeling.

    Mob of the Dead reward? Ends your game... FANTASTIC! (At least the Redeemer/Spork are there...)

    Buried reward? 4 gun slots (as though you needed it), perma perks (can get a similar effect from killing ghosts until you have all the perks and Tombstone Persistent Perk), and a perma fire sale (as though you somehow don't have bank points to afford the box...) Oh, and it resets your other EEs. So, for completing all the EEs with no rewards on the other maps, you get a 1 time bonus for 1 map that isn't really all that much better than what's already offered on the map. Again... FANTASTIC!


    3. The replayability of the maps is somewhat low. Also, despite the maps currently trending to be easier, thus allowing for a higher average round, there's little reason to go to such high rounds. Perhaps this is just my own opinion but, with exception to recording your highest round ever on the leaderboards (which won't be as high as THE highest round ever. A glitcher has that covered, I'm sure), what's the point of going past 40 on any given map?  There's nothing left to do aside from endlessly slaughter zombies (I'm sure someone is thinking "That's what zombies is..." but I seek something more from the maps). A nice solution to this, in my opinion, is round-based objectives. When you reach certain rounds (40, 50, 70, whatever), perhaps a new EE/objective opens up for you to complete (not only to break the monotony, but also to perhaps provide a reward that will actually help you kill zombies more easily as the rounds go higher). I don't know... I guess I just want something to do OTHER than just shoot heads or spam a paralyzer all day. Throw me a boss or something.


    4. A matter of personal opinion, but I prefer the old characters. What would have been so hard about taking the old characters, warping them off the Moon, and sending them to all sorts of outrageously cool locations to continue their epic, zombie-filled journey? Granted, I don't know how much cooler Tranzit would have been, even with the old characters, but at least Nikolai's dunk talk would have kept me laughing.


    The bottom line reason for what's wrong with Black Ops 2 zombies? The community demanded more than what was given. We imagined greater things than we were provided. Coming off of Moon, our hearts and mind were filled with sugarplum dreams of what awesomeness was to come. When BO2 was released, we all anxiously ran to grab our cool, new present. We tore open the packaging, expecting to be blown away... Previously, we had just been on the Moon. Where could we possibly go next!? Will the hacker (possibly the coolest zombie doo-dad to date) return? What amazing new perks will there be!? I could only imagine where we'd end up. Then we heard about Tranzit. A "full on zombies campaign." My mind raced with ideas. I imagined a huge town (atleast a couple blocks large) with a bunch of buildings you could enter, go to the top floor, jump down to the catwalks, run trains through the streets... Who knew!? We were just on the ******* Moon! My expectations couldn't be higher. So, what was beneath the wrapping of our cool, new present?


    Socks. More or less.


    A "full on zombies campaign" was not delivered by Tranzit. Die Rise was no better than any Black Ops 1 map (worse than a few, imo), and was mainly given any credit at all for simply being "better" than Tranzit. Mob of the Dead was the first "good" map, but was only released with DLC2 (so, finally, after waiting and paying, we were given our first "good" map). Buried was another "good" map, albeit easy for just about anyone to go to round 50+, but again we had to wait and pay for it. And finally, after all of the nonsensical storyline of the maps, we will soon be given the last DLC map which, barring a literal blowout of story wrap-up and amazing features, will probably end up being another "good" map, at best. And even if it is a great map... no, even if it's THE most amazing map ever, will BO2Z be better than BO1Z? Will it have been worth the extra $50-60 people spent? The answer is, inevitably, no.


    Well, that's my opinion, anyway.

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    They just did to damn much instead of keeping it simple. Decent sized map good place for PAP and a fun Easter Egg with perks for completing it. Instead we got buildables which are horrible if you are on die rise with some wanna be trolls.We also got the time bomb with buried which is the biggest troll weapon EVERRRR. I can never seem to get past round 20 on buried with 4ppl cause as soon as someone gets the damn thing they plant it and as soon as they get in trouble we go from round 18 back to round 8.Now all the weapons I paped the perks I bought all down the drain.I have heard after someone leaves the game the round still counts yet still havent seen it happen. So instead of host ended game we get....Migrating Host yeahhhh you can continue your game oh but your round wont save? IDK I love zombies but the more maps we get the less it feels like zombies they have milked this thing to the point where its not even producing milk anymore and im afraid to ask what that white stuff is.

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    Well seeing as I have played way too much of bo2 the way I see it is this. Lets start with the box, 90pct of the weapons are crap. Others have way too much recoil to even bother using. Tranzit is far too spaced out and since everyone like training goodluck getting that guy at farm when you're in the tunnels.

    Die Rise. That F*****g slide. need I say more?. Trample steams flying around the map.

    Motd I really had nothing wrong with besides the spork and redeemer being op.

    I Won't even mention buried.


    The biggest problem in this game is the matchmaking. Somedays you have to spend 30-40 mins in lobbies to even get a game. sometimes it doesn't even bother searching for games and just sits there. Console lag, Game lag. being randomly booted from game. Glitchers.. All those bs downs from a train that are nowhere near you but are monkey slapping the s**t out of you.

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      Theres nothing really wrong with buried but it seems like BO1 maps simply had more longevity to them

      Green Run, Nuketown, Die Rise or Kino, Five, Ascension. BO2 had a bad start and thats why you can't compare the 2 games so BO1 seems better. Buried is better than Shangri- la and Motd and Cotd are kinda evenish. If treyarch wants to saveface then id suggest putting out a free non storyline related map, it could even be one of the multiplayer maps like Raid.

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    Ok so after reading most of the posts, it seems theres a resounding megativity, but some positivity.


    Some points I agree with:


    The in game mechanics are left to be something desired. It's probably from changing to a storyline server to a multiplayer server. There are so many glitches in every map that it's ridiculous getting screwed over or "Treyarched" sometimes. Especially the slide on Die Rise. This shows some lack of play testing by the dev team for sure.


    Matchmaking goes along with being in a Multiplayer server. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's experienced this, but any time there's a host migration, I freeze after the transfer. Again something that should've been tested by the dev team prior.


    Longevity is something I'm on the fence about. The only real map I ever thought was bearable to play over and over again was Call Of The Dead. That was probably because of Sarah Michelle Gellar, though. Acension was fun, but it was very easy to get to high rounds, and inevitably became a map chosen only when we had a lot of time on our hands. All the other maps would have there moments, but would get boring after awhile.


    I feel that since BO2 is the new hot thing and so many people putting in some many hours to solve all the EE's, we are getting sick of it faster. Just a thought. I could be completely wrong.


    Some thing I don't agree with:


    Bad perks and weapons: If anything some of the perks were an upgrade. Example: Double Tap. Not only is the fire a rate a tad higher (IMO) but it also increases your damage. Something not seen in the original BO. Tombstone and Who's who aren't bad perks. Sure some times they are as glitchy as hell, but the original idea of them are genius and really benificial. Tombstone, however, will never be liked mainly because it's so inconvient to use in Tranzit. Still nice to know, though, that if I go down completely due to my team mates not being able to reach me that I still have a chance to regain most of my perks and weapons back. Who's who gives you a chance to revive yourself in case your team mates hate you or they are covering your back while you do so.


    The weapons aren't "great" but I will conceed that there is less usable weapons. And not to mention that the Mp5k got a real downgrade were as the m14 got better. It's weird, but to say that all the weapons are bad may just be up to opinion.


    Bad Easter eggs and rewards: The only real difference from BO EE's and BO2 EE's is in BO in COTD you got the Wonderwaffle after completing it. Other then that, the fact that you get all perks or permanant perks are not new in BO2. I think the reason we are more dissapointed with BO2 easter egg's is because we had REALLY HIGH expectations, and it didn't live up to everyone expectations.


    If we can get more opinions that would be awesome!

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    The issue is, Moon was EPIC (IMO) and after everything it brought, all/new perks, The Wave Gun (the best WW IMO) along with QED, the hacker, we anticipated BO2 to begin with a bang and had big expectations, what pissed me off about Tranzit, was that it was a 'big' map but with nothing in it, you know COTD - Moon had all perks, T-Zit being huge had only 5/6 perks, no new WW, or any WW at all in any map to begin with, yes there is the Ray gun, but im talking thundergun, waffle etc, The $hit Gun is a buildable and its only purpose is to be used in the EE and i cant believe 3arc thought this was a good replacement for a WW, theirs buildable weapons, special weapons and wonder weapons, their are separate IMO, the $hit Gun/Sliq are buildables, the Blundergat, spork, redeemer are special weapons and the paralyser and time bomb i do consider WWs.


    The Hacker did not return, the most loved feature of moon didnt return because of Jimmys answer 'Balencing' thats what he says to everything that didnt return/isnt in the map, i can understand it would be very OP with no space suit trade-off, but this could've been resolved unstead it of being dropped into a map, it could be in the box, much like how some custom Waw maps have it.


    Our new characters, to begin with, we knew nothing about them, and we didnt know anything about our old crew (we still dont) the only acknowledgment that it continues from our story is that rictofen is the demonic announcer, in Aether.


    Tranzit itself was quite obviously rushed as the fog is covering up areas that werent clipped and looked horrible. The cut-off maps for survival and grief i didnt expect to be literally cut and paste with nothing special about them to make you want to play them.


    Trashtown in the HE, which i payed the extra £20 for was also complete and utter $hit, was also rushed, the map being smaller than the MP map, only 4 perks despite the 8 locations, no WW again, no EE, it wasnt designed to be a proper story map, it was designed to be a cut-off map like town, farm etc, as you can have custom options on it, the eventual Trash we were given was not what 3arc said the map would be in pre-release interviews.


    Guns themselves in the maps, the same old wall weapons? Really, come on, box weapons were rather appalling as well to be honest, plenty of recoil, what happened to guns like the commando and AUG? and of course $hit weapons such as the SMR/War Machine/Pistols, should have a WW to counter it like the Thundergun, Winters Howl etc.


    The DLC maps are far better than the starting ones, with each map being better than the previous IMO, Buried > MOTD > Die Rise > Green Run > Trashtown. No matter how good the last map is, it wont turn Zombies this game around, as the start killed the game too much.

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    Tranzit and die rise it takes to long to get where you need to go and buy all your perks and PaP weapons, while MOTD and Buried are too easy.

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    Main maps UNPLAYABLE with randoms

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    i love all the zombies maps old and new, they all bring something to the table

    I'm here to kill zombies, if it's down long corridors, in cramped spaces, or vast open spaces like transit, bring it on


    to many people moan about this and that, enjoy it for what it is, itll never change to suit you, only the developers

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      Good point targetzero. How bout we all stop crying like a bunch of god damn 2 year olds and just play the game. Its so sicke ing hearing people cry about zombies. I love everything about it. I have no regrets for anything. I just love everything as much as I can. I don't cry about it. Instead of crying about the denizens, y don't you invite them to the bar in town and get a drink. Get to know them a bit before you trash them.

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      Good point targetzero. How bout we all stop crying like a bunch of god damn 2 year olds and just play the game. Its so sicke ing hearing people cry about zombies. I love everything about it. I have no regrets for anything. I just love everything as much as I can. I don't cry about it. Instead of crying about the denizens, y don't you invite them to the bar in town and get a drink. Get to know them a bit before you trash them. That s how I look at it.

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    most maps are boring if you afther round 20 . if you at round 20 the only thing you do is train zombies and save ammo .

    best map in zombie history is M.O.T.D because :

    you cant do every thing in one round because of the afther life

    you need to feed dogs .

    you can upgrade you tactical

    you can upgrade your knife

    you can acces new area to build the plane

    hard to get to the PaP

    there is a boss  ,  its a challenge because he destroys thing and you need to buy them for 2000

    and there are more things


    why die rise  s**ks :

    just boring map

    you need to open 1 door for the power .

    idk but is it just me thath the mystery box sucks in die rise every time you get war machine , rpg , m1612 or whatever , s12 , five seven  , and other noob weapons .

    you can be easily trolled in die rise  with the sliquifer

    no grief mode

    the new perk sucks , who is who . it just soul side

    no traps

    and this thing ist just annoying , the elevator system , its take to long  the elevator , the most time of the game you whaiting on an elevator

    only nice thing is just added the fridge and bank


    tranzit :

    love this map because :

    its a big map  , there are 3 options to transport : bus , walking , teleport

    bank and fridge

    plenty of buildables

    nice train spots

    hard to survive

    only bad thing of this map are the denzins!!!!


    buried :

    (I am ps3 player so i dont know much by far only youtube info )

    the time bomb is a nice escape route

    its borring thath the PaP  is easy to acces

    nice wonderweapon , the petifier because if you spawn the trigger its never overheat

    i love the new option of acces new areas with our big friend .

    the plenty options of our friends is just amazing  , holding crawler  , kill zombies , smash the box  , reroll the box ,  decide where the box will be  and other thing what he  can do


    i hope treyarch make a zombie map with the size of tranzit  , attribute of m.o.t.d and some other things what you can think about it

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      Did you just call Mob of the Dead the best zombies map of all time? Brutus isn't even hard! He goes down really fast with the retriever which you can recieve at an extremely early round. How does feeding the dogs make it a good map? Great, more elbow grease for something to make the map even less of a challenge. Upgrading your melee? I guess Galvaknuckles and the Bowie Knife don't exist then. How can you get everything in one round on any other map? Money is a huge object in any zombies game and unless you have money stashed in the bank, you won't be all geared up until at least round 15.


      Die rise is not a bad map, why? Because it forces you to think. Instead of allowing you to jump off, train wherever you want and basically allow the average joe to round fifty. It allows for a new breed of challenge, the platforming however small it is in this map, is a great addition. Sliquifier used as a trolling item? Oh boy, people TOTALLY couldn't troll by making the giant go back in his cage or using the time bomb. Sorry, but when people criticize a map and list Mob of the Dead as the best zombie map of all time clearly haven't played Moon or Shangri-La.

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    kudo shinichi 1

    I like bo2 zombies just as much as bo1. The addition of 4 player local and easy make it a joy. I suck I know I do so I do not bother with online unless its solo, rarely do I play co-op or grief. Its odd to see talk of the bank and perma perks as a negitive because when you play local they do not exist, well the bank does but its useless unless you use it to transfer point from one another. I like all the maps as well as the new weapons and perks. Plus I enjoy richtofen in control more with the new characters then the old ones. Now in terms of comparing it to bo1 I have all the zombie maps and played on all of them but I suck to bad to make it anywhere. There will be a time when I revist them and do the easter eggs. So I might change my mind but for now from my sucky playing skills perspective I enjoy bo2 more. 

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    They took it to far. Buildables were cool at first, but when they kept the same ones in every map, it got boring.


    Tranzit - Your on a bus. I hate busses, and the map itslef sucks.

    Die Rise - A REALLY good map, I thought, but with to many ways for zombies to come, and the perks were unpredictable. PaP could be near impossible without a crawler.

    Motd - A really good map. The buildables were different, and the objective was plain stated.

    Buried - The best so far. Easy, but with PaP at a reasonable difficulty, and the ability for any non-expierenced players to get all of the perks. Time Bomb = Randoms trying to be Minnesotta Burns. Paralyzer = God Kill Stealing RGM2 = Awesomeness Witches = Money-stealing whores. (I bet you thought I was going to say ******* )


    All in all, I think BO1Z was better. BO2Z, they just took it past its breaking point, and just keep on pushing. We have no maps that are decently sized that don't have a storyline part tied into them.

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    -Had a more 'pure' feel to it. I don't know how else to describe it but zombies was still that weird underdog cod game mode at this point and it felt great

    -Wonder weapon's: All of these epic crazy ass things that nobody expected

    -Variety of perks

    -Original IMPORTANT areas to be in.

    -Funny characters



    -The engine: Something nobody ever seems to bring up but, the engine was simply god awful for this game. Then entire game was just...weird. It played like an low budget arcade shooter, resulting in getting caught on the edge of a railing or a dumb little box under your foot from 3 feet away. does nobody remember this?!

    -The sorta meh choice of layout: this one is simply opinion, but these maps had those 1-3 areas you loved and then everywere else was either a death trap or just really outlandish...

    -wall weapon choices were pretty damn awful, forcing you to hump the box all the time, which is fine but considering all but one of these maps had randomized locations, made for a rather frustrating time in getting going



    PROS: (yes this game does have them believe it or not..>_>)

    -The engine is, at least in my opinion, Fantastic. very smooth, yet solid gameplay. Something in between W@W's stiff controls, and black op's feeling like you were standing on ice and time was moving at 1.5x the normal rate. The perfect balance. And finally the m1911 sounds like an actual F*CKING GUN. and not a toy like the previous games.

    -Map designs are very creative. Even transhit. The idea behind it was awesome but they bit off way more than they could chew with it.

    -Buildables: Am i the only one who loves these damn things? they absolutely SCREAM zombies, i could totally see these in any of the games, and people call them dumb and gimicky. Zombies itself is dumb and gimmicky. and i love it!

    -Wonder weapons are awesome. But not the jet gun...just awful. But then the paralyzer came along and fixed all that. They should honestly patch it and make the jet gun do what the paralyzer does but speed them up/pull them in (like it realisticly should) and kill them. also leave the part out of nacht. it deserves to be an EE, not a required location. Also the sliquifier is my favorite wonder weapon ever...so ya.

    -Grief is the only thing keeping me interested in zombies during the second month of release until the next dlc drops. Cell block was so much fun without the over all pain in my f*cking ass mob of the dead was. And borough is even better with buildables and such ^_^

    -The PhD troll was kinda rude feeling at first and it hurt my feelings...and then i realized it was funny as hell! XD i love it, and i guess nurse flopper is our buried troll but i still wish the machine appeared like behind a caved in mineshaft, and you could see a bit of it through the rocks or hear the jingle or something, that would have been so funny!

    -THE B23R!!! I LOVE THIS GUN. thats all, nuff said.



    -Transhit and trash town were our starting maps. We know they are sh1t. THEY KNEW it was ****. but they did it anyway. And simply becasue they wanted people to buy the dlcs...WHAT THE HELL?! that is so rude and unfair to their loyal fans. Its better now but i remember the feeling of they didn't care, and i never experienced that with zombies before then.

    -the box weapons are pretty...shitty. I love the WW's and the chicom is awesome IMO, RPG was such a good choice (simply because of how badly i wanted it in blops 1 mostly..), Mtar was great before the patch, python is back which made me happy, but...thats about it. Until the RGM2 at least... but still they chose to bring back the galil in a shitty form, the FAL in a shitty form, and the RPD which was shitty to begin with. No SPAS?....No G11?...No dragonov?...i was dissapointed.

    Then when i got into mulitplayer due to the over crap of trashtown and transhit, i learned of the PDW, SVU, msmc, an94, FAL OSW, Scar, Vector, MP7, the list goes on. Why the hell werent these all included? PDW and the others came with die rise but im still waiting on my beloved Msmc.... just..why? its even on the multi engine now so there is no reason.


    Anyway rant over, just wanted some positive and negative feelings off my chest..

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      I love buildables, i love the engine. I love your rant.


      It pretty much covered everything. I think personally, the EEs couldve been expanded more. Say, the general length of things to do for the EE. It seemed rushed and quickly put into action.


      As for gameplay, i think its very good. The zombies splurt blood when you shoot them, opposed to random little licks of blood. One thing i want back from WaW is the headshot sound. When killing a zombie by headshot, the head explodes and it makes a noise reflecting the intensity of the headshot.


      All in all, a fair game. But, seriously, needs its own disc. For the sake of complete concentration on the game of zombies. Im sure they had the same amount of concentration for multiplayer as they did with zombies and campaign. In all honesty, zombies needs a high priority in order to really let it flourish.

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    Well for one they need to give us better wonder weapons. They have all sucked the Sliquifer had potential until Treyarch screwed over legit players and makes crawlers now. Ummmm.... If they were going to do that they should have wiped the leaderboards. NOT FAIR.


    Better characters, less buildables. I personally don't care for buildables they are annoying give me some traps to play with. Clean up the leaderboards... It's very easy to point somebody out who glitches. Take away perma perks, zombies in BO were already easy.


    Better EE's I did enjoy MOTD though. Quit trying **** nobody cares about and get rid of the damn bank and go back to original zombies. Give me a damn Thundergun or Wunderwaffe!

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    Over all the ease of each map.  The recoil on box guns, leaderboards scrweing up if someone leaves.  The bank.  the gun fridge,  the DAM perma perks the only good one is the quick revive just so peopole don't leave if I can't get them.


    TRANZIT: cool concept horrible desighn.  Maybe if they made it that you have to use teleporters to get to each place it would have been better.  The pap style is a nightmare.  The denizans are a piss off.  It just takes too long to have a good fun game even when using the easy mode bank.


    Die rise:  the elevators are way too annoying at least add stairs so we have that option of takeing a risk rather than doing a suicide hold out.  whos who oh that thing is dam annoying.  Takeing forever to actually build up everything.  The guns are too good on the wall which actually makes sence now that they ruined box guns.  This map wasn't too bad and still better than call of the dead ( I hate george)


    Mob of the dead.  Maybe the easiest map of all time?  The golden spork is a joke I can get to round 30 easy.  The hells redemer is insane also.  Other than that refuleing the plance is just annoying.  It was a very cool map I have to give it that.


    Buried:  in MoTD at least you had to actually shoot or knife to stay alive.  This map just requires an emergency paralyzer.  The buildables make it that all you have to do it get UGLY to build the stuff for you and you can camp at jug with all the buildables.  whats that something broke you just turn into tinkerbell and fly up to grabe a turbine or something.  The ghosts are annoying as all hell I need to bring in double the points to make it worthwhile.

    The chalk and points from smashy smashy.  It is ridiculos.


    I do not have any problem with the EE's people complain about no reward.  Who cares?  Look at ascension and shangri la.  shangri la you one person got it.  ascension a 90 second DM. 


    It's the ease that made zxombies boring.


    Grief on the other hand is amazing