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Knifers are theives!!


Seriously, all knifers need to be BANNED from on-line play!! I can't beat 'em, so I'm going to whine about them! Totally UNFAIR!!




But, what I would like to know is any tricks you "pro's" might have in countering knifers. I play TDM almost exclusively and these guys move so fast....sometimes it seems as if I empty a clip into them and as long as they keep running forward towards me, they're going to win the fight. I have MAYBE a 3 out of 10 win/loss against guys who play this way. "Maybe" it can be attributed to my connection, but I don't think that's really the case - not in all rounds, anyway. Is it simply a case of me just needing to keep more aware of my surroundings?


Anyway, I'm just trying to improve my game. I actually enjoy the kill cams, just so I can see how the other player got me when I couldn't see them at all, and especially to see the weapon they were using. Of course, guys who kill me with a pistol from what would be well over 100 yards away, with one shot, that's ANOTHER story.......





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    Lightweight user move so fast the game can't keep up with them.

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    Knifing should stay how it is damage wise. Infact I would like to see a wider hit detection for them. However, to balance I would like it to be so getting shot slows a player down and prohibits them from knifing for a moment.

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    Keep your distance and jump around if they get close. If you are accurate they should be easy to deal with, at least when they don't pop up behind you

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    Lightweight, Extreme Conditioning and Dexterity will help you go toe to toe with them speedwise but you still have to get the kill.  Knifers also tend to take flank routes with short lines of sight.  Set some betties, claymores, or shock charges in their path to give yourself a warning at least that they are coming.  If they aren't running Engineer then it's a free kill for you and likely will discourage them enough to get them to switch to a more conventional class.

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    Haha! I'm a knifer and it's not that easy in this game if the connection is crap.

    There's been loads of times where I use lightweight and extreme conditioning and I feel like I'm moving really slow, plus you some how miss alot when trying to knife someone, even if they have their back to you, because of the crap connection.

    Most of my kills are from the combat axe, at least you can get people from a distance with them. xD

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    Here is what you gotta do.

    1: Don't stay in rooms or allyways. (This gives them a chance to come at you since they know people hide)

    2.Try to be in open areas, always against walls. (Can't see or get you from the back, you will also be able to see them first ad they will most likely come in a bit worried since they can only come from in front and also risky because of the distance)

    3.What phxs72 said. Make a class that you can equip whenever a knifer is persistant.(Once you start to counter the knifer he/she will switch to a normal class or quit)

    4.Go to theater lobby and study them, this will greatly enhance your "knowlegde" on how they work, thier routes and style will be exposed to you. (Letting you know what and how to prepare next time)

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    Just play Hc. Bullets do what they are supposed to.

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    Turn around a little more and check you 6 after crossing streets, ally-ways, or whatever. You'll be surprised at how often you'll catch a KO player stalking you across those areas.

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    Thanks for all the tips! I appreciate it!