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Hyped for Ghosts?


I know I am. Have any of you guys pre-ordered? I really wanna play that freefall map it looks so cool lol


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    I'm anxious to see it. Also, you seem familiar. ..

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    No, I am not hyped!


    Stop being sold so easily by marketers. The same tricks are used year in and year out. Problem with many players is they believe what marketing is saying, and forget to thing "hmmm will the same issues continue" YES they always do continue, lag, hitmarkers, weird moments, everything imaginable will be the same. So save us the burden of reading, "lag comp is broken"

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    I'm not that hyped for ghosts, I don;t really know why . On a side note I am a little hyped for the Xbox One though.

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    As the previous post eluded to, I would be less hyped if it wasn't in addition to the Next-Gen


    But I am hyped about Ghosts on the PS4, as well as lots of other titles like Destiny, Drive Club.....


    Infinity Ward games suit me much better than 3arc (think it's a COD4 thingy)