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Bring an End to the Preferred Child?


I am sick of Xbox being the preferred child, while the PS is the second preferred, and PC is the middle kid, while the Wii is adopted. Although the Wii doesn't have many players, if so, and Activision treats it the way the do know, than they should just not make this game for the Wii. As for PC and the consoles, they should all be equall, in terms of DLCs, updates, patches and tweeks, release dates, Investment (according the precentage of players). for the last CoDs, Xbox players have been able to buy the DLCs a little bit before PS and about a month before PC players. Why? just because Xbox has the most amount of players (I think so, I might be wrong, correct me if I am)? so what? PS has plenty of players too, and the PC community is getting smaller and smaller, and some of the reasons are because of this deprivation. Another thing is that because the PC community is small, I think that peopper dedicated servers should be implemented, as long as it doesn't cost them one billion dollars, and I don't think that it costs much, but I might be wrong. Tell me if it is possible, because I have seen that there are dedicated servers in MW3, but they don't seem to work.



Yea, if you haven't noticed already, I am a PC player.