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Top 5 favorite guns


I thought I would start a quick pole this morning.  I know we all have our favorite main staple weapons that we don't like to leave home without.  I wanted to know what your top 5 favorite are and what accessories you like on them.  I ran a similar pole to this a few months back and I am curious to see if like myself  player's preferences have changed.


1. SMR:  Stock, Hybrid Optic

2. Scar H:  Stock, FMJ,  (Grenade Launcher on my bombing class)

3. HAMR: Quick Draw, Stock, Hybrid Sight

4. Crossbow: Dual Band, Variable Zoom (When I am using it as my sniper rifle)  or Tribolt (when used as a long ranged secondary)

5. Exicutioner: Nothing


I play mostly a mid to long range dedicated marksman role.  I try to support players on my team using SMG and shogtuns or control key sight lines.  With the recent nerfing of the B23R, the exicutioner has become my sidearm of choice. Paired with fast hands hit usually saves me 3 to 5 deaths in every game I bring it into. If somebody gets too close for my main gun, the exicutioner kills faster than the other pistols and SMG's a close range.  Paired with fast hands, I can draw it and fire all five rounds in the time it takes the Remington or KSG to fire 2 shots.