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Pick a 10? Suggestion (A good one i suppose!)

  1. Opinion: TOUGHNESS & DEXTERITY are perks one MUST use in order to have a decent chance of staying alive through gunfights. I would guess 95% of MLG players or League players will use them. Pick a 10 is now pick an 8 because these two are a MUST.
  2. FACT: In Black ops 1, you had 3 preks\Pro perks + 1 weapon attachment + 2 tacticals + 1 Lethal + 1 Primary + 1 Secondary + 1 Secondary attachment + 1 Equipment. All of these equal 11 (unless you choose an RPG like\Ballistic Knife on your secondary).
  3. I'd prefer the pick a 10 method although i think It would be better if it was pick a 11.
  4. Why DEXTERITY & TOUGHNESS are perks? Why not making theses as weapon properties? (E.G. Less flinch for using LMG's & More Flinch For Using SMG's, Shorter ADS After sprint for different guns so weapons become deeper and complicated)


Any opinions?

I guess the TOUGHNESS & DEXTERITY Perks make class creating too predictable...