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What would you like to see in Ghosts?


After watching the reveal trailer an hour or so ago, I'm pumped up for COD:Ghosts. Given that Infinity Ward is using a new engine, new things are possible. Personally, I would like to see at least one new game mode, the return of Hardpoint that was introduced in BO2, the return of the Specialist and Assault packages in the form of scorestreaks rather than 1 point per kill and objective in MW3, expand the player limit for the next gen versions of the game, AI bots for offline multiplayer, and a co-op objective mode that is playable on all multiplayer maps. For the campaign, give the characters some personality and create a great campaign mode as I come to expect from Infinity Ward over the last few years.


What are the things you would like to see or not see in Ghosts?

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    I want to see epic ragdolls, and some vehicles. I am a humble gamer who appreciates the way bones and muscle restrict movement untill there is deformation, and then failure and fracture of organic tisue. Imagine if you were thrown from an explosion and if you landed the wrong way and broke a leg, or your neck, or kicked your enemy's head off. If it knew how exterior forces affected and manipulated the tissues, skeleton, brainwaves. Many ideas. This could be the start of a good thread. Anybody have any great ideas for games they aren't afraid to tell the public?

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      I Agree with you also i would like to see buildings blow up to high heavens and extra involvements within the enviroment such as  different weather changes ......what i really disliked is how come they had all of the cool guns and or attachements within the campaign modes and zombies.....There Should be a Clan Vs Clan mode that whole spectrum in Multiplayer would be awesome....league play in Black ops2 was great but the sport wasn't really organized meaning solo players wasnt really getting any love and the seasons seems as if they were never ending....Guns should really be tailored made to the player creating your own camo on your gun would be a great idea instead of playercards 

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        Hopefully people won't be coming up with sperm camos and whatnot after seeing these shameless people make these disgusting emblems. With that said, if they do implement anything that is the player's choice, it should be in a way that people cannot keep making these type of things.

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    I want to see all of the maps included on the game disc, no dlc maps, that way all of the platforms get all of the maps, nobody gets left out!!!

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    i hope the have a true clan support system. where you can challenge other clans or find games vs other clans with rankings and all that. what soccom tried to do but was unable to truly achieve. give the people the option to put a player up for being kick and have people in the team vote, a way to kick trolls. as HC player... let us have all the game modes and wait in the lobby while a game is found most of us play so much that we use that time to drink or eat anyhow.

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    This is gonna sound dumb, but I really want to see ghosts. I'm crap at most gamee I play {being honest} but as much as I love the combat engine, I'd really love to see some zombies. I know that Infinity Ward doesn't do zombies, but just for this one given the popularity of zombies.

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    Good ragdolls, classic create a class with pro perks, less killstreaks, better weapon balancement, small, medium, and large maps, and new gametypes that would fit the larger maps, such as a mission mode that involves capturing and/or destroying multiple objectives.

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    I want to start out by saying I am a Call of Duty Fan first and foremost so lets please get by what I am about to say.  I am neither on the 3arch nor IW bandwagon.  I like both companies and I am waiting for a game that has both strengths of both companies combined.  3arch did ,IMHO, a dynamite job with BO2.  But Lag comp and hit detection are still a miss and if these things were fixed it would have been an almost perfect game.  IW has always had solid gameplay mechanics but MW3 was plagued with spawn issues and annoying support steaks setup.  Now to get to the topic of this discussion, what do I want out of COD Ghosts?  Just as 3arch took the best of MW3 and advanced the weapons and tech built into the game I want IW to take what 3arch did and incorporate that into Ghosts without losing there signature gameplay mechanics.  I thing 3arch hit it on the head was the Pick 10 create a class and the implementation of the Scorestreak system.  They can improve on these things but don't change the core formula.  I want to see leveling of weapons and also not to have the attachments reset after you prestige.  I'm torn about the perk system because I do like having pro ability but I also see the benefit of stripping the weapons perks and have them become weapon attachments.  That can go either way.  My only issue I have with the MP game modes is in domination.  They should try to incorporate a reward for a team to capture all three flags.  Maybe double score or UAV alway on until the other team regains a flag, something should happen when all 3 flags are captured.  There needs to a reason to capture all three flags otherwise its spawn trap central.  Also I hope IW splits domination in half like BO2.  In a nutshell IW just needs to take what 3arch did in BO2 and make suble tweaks and it should be a damn near flawless game.  As long as they don't have noob attachments(target finder) and devastating killstreaks that are easily obtained(aka stealth bomber and EMP from MW3).

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      Baldmanz_RAGE wrote:


      I want to start out by saying I am a Call of Duty Fan first and foremost so lets please get by what I am about to say.  I am neither on the 3arch nor IW bandwagon.  I like both companies and I am waiting for a game that has both strengths of both companies combined.  3arch did ,IMHO, a dynamite job with BO2. 


      You've got to be kidding. Before I make my statements, I'd like to say that I think a big problem with BO2 is that MP is not consistent around the globe. I think certain parts of the United States get better gameplay then others. When I watch gameplay on YouTube by Drift0r and try to match his loadouts, I don't get the excellent results he does even though I use the same techniques he shows and shares in his videos. Clearly, lag comp is a big part of this inconsistency.


      Speaking of inconsistency, the weapons in BO2 do not operate consistently between players. I've asked players what loadouts they use. I build the same loadout, but get dramatically weaker results. But, the biggest issue is caused by lag compensation. Until lag comp is adjusted to make gameplay much more fair, instead rewarding the people with weak connections, COD will continue to die off and lose its customer base more rapidly over time.


      Small maps are fine for SOME of the game. Large and medium sized maps are needed to truly make this game for everyone. Most of the maps in BO2 are crap. The problem with the tiny maps of BO2 is that they screw up spawning because of their tiny size. Spawns are already horrific in BO2, and small maps make it so much worse.


      When I get killed in BO2 and in the KILLCAM I see the enemy who killed me spawn 2 seconds after I did, AND spawn right behind me, hence, shooting me in the back! THAT is total BS. And THAT is what has been happening more and more in BO2. THIS is what is wrong with tiny maps. You say they are fast action. They are not. They are poorly designed, coming from cheapened production costs, and are ruining the COD series. BO2 is the worst FPS I've ever seen.

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    - More advance option to save textures to hard drive (less wear on blu-ray drive)
    - Mini game in lobby?
    - Widespread maps, big enough to explore but battle at the same time, similar to Battlefield
    - More features to elite app, customise character, chat, ability to send messages to other clans
    - More detailed and animated cockpits with a wider point of view (AC130, Lodestar, vehicles they use)
    - Small maps for that close encounter battles like rust on MW2


    Important things we need to address
    - Advance security on our leaderboards (maybe a 3 step encryption of some sort)
    - Advance/more secure I/O between the console and servers

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    I always preferred IW over 3arch due to the MP... The idea of scorestreaks and the need of 3 perks to be unseen by air support is retarded. Black ops 2 campaign was very good; however, MP on there is bad in my opinion. MW2 multiplayer was good except for the Tubing,OMA,and least favorite Commando. MW2 at least made it about shooting your gun and not about all the fancy gadgets.


    I hope COD Ghosts go back to Killstreaks cuz scorestreaks doesnt require any skill, Sniper wise can you make bolt action and not semi-auto. I see too many people rapid firing their semi-auto snipers; nevertheless, I hope to see the harrier,pavelow, new and improved chopper gunner and AC130. I prefer MW2 attachment system over BO2, because on MW2 you had to earn certain attachments in order to unlock other attachments unlike BO2 u easily unlock all by getting kills..I hope COD Ghosts say no to the Target finder and MMS sights along with the need of having 2,3, or 4 perks to be invisible to air support.....

    Lets make COD Ghosts about the guns and so forth and not about cheap fancy gadgets for the guns. Hardcore mode on Black ops 2 is a joke, MW2 hardcore mode is BEAST........

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    Pick 12:

    Killstreaks are part of class setup.

    Special grenades (except smoke) are 2 for 1.

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    I'm sure their done adding new features but I really hope these are included:


    - Zombies - omfg if they dont have zombies I will be very disappointed.  I'm very curious why they haven't included zombies based on how popular it is.  It's like they like to pretend trearch doesn't exist.  Zombies is way more important to me than campagn mode.


    - Better Game Lobbies - People just accept the game lobbies for what they are but to a billion dollar franchise can do better, way better. I'll give you some examples.


              Gun lobbies - shotgun lobby would be SO much as would sniper and pistol lobbies

              COD4 Maps Lobby - Why the **** not and while were at it, MW2, MW3, BO2 (They wont sue you I promise)

              All-star maps - 16 of the most favorite maps from all call of dutys

              Competetive play - I'm competitive and I love 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and league play

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                  I would like to see the uzi or the mini uzi that would be able to be used in both campain and multiplayer also i want the campain to be like black ops 2 but with out the missions that you have to command your troop. i would also like to see the DPMS a-15 .223/5.56