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KSG, B23R, MP7, host migration


All of the things in the title need a little work. The KSG's range is ridiculous. I realize its supposed to have a slug and be long range because it doesn't spread out, but its range is ridiculous. The B23R has been "nerfed" before, yet I still get one bursted when I'm full health; its a secondary for a reason not a primary. The MP7 just needs a tweak to its range so it has a little more recoil at mid range. Host migration needs a little work as well. If there's a bad host and the entire lobby is consistently red barring then it should change immediately not after 5 minutes. Ohh and C4, Target Finder you know the usual.

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    KSG doesnt really need fixed.  The range isnt that great. 

    Im pulling these stats from a video by Drift0r, if you dont believe me here it is. 


    But range.  the KSG's one hit kill range is about 12 meters.

    Which in all honesty, will just about get you in any tight area, but wide open, you should have the advantage on an enemy with the KSG.   The only tricky thing is that due to headshot modifiers, any headshot is a kill.  But, the KSG only has range up to 27.5 meters.  So yes, some kills can be made long range, but only by some of the best.


    I personally agree on some level that secondaries need to stay secondaries.  But in some situations (taking into account range, accuracy, headshots, etc) the b23r can still be a one shot kill.

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      The KSG is straight filthy when combined with a good connection.  Quickly going to show you its range potential in a video.  In this clip I snipe two or three enemies with KSG at distances that just leave me laughing because Id be furious it I was on the receiving end of it.  Like I said, depending on the connection this gun can absolutely wreck people.  As mentioned above though, it does have to be a headshot, also note that I am running Long Barrel as one of my attachments.


      Specifically to see the ridiculous range you can skip to 3:35 and 8:10.




      IMO, there is nothing wrong with the KSG or MP7, although I do agree that the B23R could use a damage nerf but it really doesnt matter to me one way or another.  My motto is, if you cant beat em, join em.

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      Wait a minute. you basing you findings TODAY based off a video made almost 8 months ago ?


      you do realize they did nerf quite a few things already.

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    The KSG would be deserving of a nerf if it werent for the fact that it you or your target lag even a little then you wont be able to kill them.

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    you need to get better at the game thats all..

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    I think the mp7 needs a buff. Man those iron sights are so hard to keep on target, and even at that I get hit markers for days using it.

    I guess I'm just an ar kinda guy because I struggle to use smgs. That's not to say I'm not good with them, but I just die much more than I would with an ar using them, especially the mp7.

    I know it looks good stats wise, but I think it has too much recoil

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    I think all these guns are fine, personally, but if I had to pick from these options, I'd go with the b23r needing a nerf the most.  Not a damage nerf though.  If I get hit in the chest with 3 rounds from a pistol at close range, I probably should die.  Perhaps just a slightly longer burst delay?  Or a slower RoF per-burst, idk.


    The KSG is annoying, sure -- both because I can't do well with it and conversely because it seems like I get facemelted by others using it.  So it balances out.