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hacked lobby on black ops 2 ps3

yesterday i switched on my ps3 to have a game of search and destroy in black ops 2...i go into search game it brings me to lobby and the game starts. all of a sudden our whole team is stuck on are spawn point all we can do is spin around looking at eachother aswell as that the only view we could use was 3rd person view then in a distance we see a player come towards us his name gamertag was syndicate or bigman3000 he knifes us all as we our stuck and can only spin around also to note the enemy team is aswell stuck except "syndicate".he has also gone to the trouble and changed all our names my gamertag wildtripod was now "the future is hack ops "... i went into all his recent games and the last 20 have been the same thing he freezes everyone in the game and kills them this is complete hacking and cheating and i just dont trust it anymore its been ruined by cheaters hackers and boosters......another thing i noticed about this syndicate guy is i go into met players list go to his name click it and boom error code 020302 etc i cant even look at his profile sony treyarch really need to sort this out for legit players to show who really is the best.....were can i report this guy so its actually looked into i send loads reports on him but i doubt there ever going to be seen...

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    I played a game of domination in MW3 yesterday and got 29999 xp for capping the first flag... It looks like every cod is now hacked.

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    I don't know if you can control it, but is the highlighted font effect really needed?

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    It's only a matter of time before we start seeing XP and deranking lobbies.

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    I hadn't seen any hacked lobbies on BO2 yet, but what you have described sounds just aweful.  CoD4, WaW, and MW2 are insanely hacked, 9 out of 10 lobbies you go into has atleast 2 hackers in it doing all kinds of crazy things to the game.  Black Ops 1 has some xp lobbies in public, but you should see the fools in Team Tactical, every lobby is hacked, players go in and kill them selves a bunch and some how come out maxed out in levels.  Some clan mates and I went back to playing MW3 recently. MW3 is now apparently entering its own downward spiral.  I don't know about all of the game modes but I do know that Domination is getting pretty bad, and Dom is my favorite game mode.  I have seen these lobbies hacked to where you get 50,000 points per kill.  Guys running around in god mode, infinate ammo, you name it.  Also I don't know how true it is but alot of people are always bragging about their radar mods and such too.  For a while I would just back out and try to find another game, but there are so many hacked lobbies that it is hard to find a completely legit and decent game.  I have actually never started in one of these matches, it's always a match that I get thrown into.  My only worry is that I might get banned in MW3 if it ever gets patched when I'm not even guilty of the hacking.  But the chances are it will probably never get fixed.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't poking at the developers with that remark, it's just the have alot of stuff to handle and it really doesn't matter what they do, hackers will always find a way through.  Unfortunately the best thing they can probably do is just shut down the online servers for the older titles after so long, because it is simply just gonna get too out of control.

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    I was in a game on Black Ops 2 Monday night when this kid shouted hey "my psn name" i said yeah he said i`m going to lag you out, well the game of domination started, i couldnt move from spawn i died 17 times then i lagged out, yesterday i was in a game of demolition on studio the game started and this player pulled in a lodestar as soon as we spawned, a friend of mine said he was in a game on nuketown and there was a canine unit from the start.


    I have always purchased the call of duty games along with the season passes and elite etc, but i have decided that im not going to waste £100 on a game where nothing is done to prevent or ban these idiots who are just ruining a game.

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    I experienced the same thing a few weeks back.   Joined a game were people were stuck and spinning.  I posted a message about it http://community.callofduty.com/message/414464517#414464517. I jumped out immediately.


    A few questions (and they are not meant to offend...I sincerely want to know since I do not post much.)


    1. How do you provide video proof? I do not use the theater much in this game and do not know what options are available.


    2. Why provide video proof?  Does this help in getting these individuals banned? 


    3. How do you tell which individual is causing this "hack" when playing the game?


    4. Is there a danger to your PS3 if you stay in a hacked lobby like this?


    If getting this info recorded with video helps I will gladly do it.

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    Why does everyone ask, where's the video proof. Every time someone posts the proof the moderators lock the disicussion or remove the video. It's not allowed to show everyone who the cheaters or hackers are since it might hurt their feelings, but TreyArc and/or Activision are more than happy to let them ruin the game.

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      They are destroying the game, I know for a fact i wont be buying the new game for myself and a copy for my son, after all i pay nearly £50 x 2 = £100 for the game , then the season pass x 2 = £82 then now camo`s and so on so nearly £200, knowing that by February the game will be problematic.


      After all they still aint fixed the helicopter sound that occurs now and then online and in zombies, i thought they had until i got it the other day.


      There are a lot more interesting looking games coming to the ps4 i think it`s time i moved on.

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    All I have to say is wildtripod is a dumb ****.. syndicate is a pc only player.. so there is no possible way he hacked your lobby. Stop ripping on the best name in cod

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    i also have seen many times hackers but not yet to be in one place without can do nothing exept just be killed,those hackers can't let you enjoy just a game anymore and ps or activision don't do nothing about it,it's like they say be a hacker yourself or just loose.the only thing i do when i see hackers i quit and change lobby and the result is that i have got bored of that game and play very rare times...

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    I have not seen a hacked lobby I have seen hackers but also I haven't seen or heard of what you're saying that doesn't mean I don't believe either. I played a game of hardpoint last weekend it's my favorite game modes and if anybody has played it you know it takes a couple minutes depending on your perks before you get your score streak and I say it was the first 15 seconds of the game this player called a swarm, vitol, & dogs all within a few seconds  his team didn't even have the hardpoint that long. I believe the reason why people ask for video proof is because on any given day believe or not there are really good players they're legit players they don't hack they're just really that good. And more often than not people will get into a game and get completely owned and rather than admit that you got owned it's easier to say it's a hacker then admit that you sucked in that game so I think that's why they want video proof. To me hackers are like bigfoot everybody has seen them but nobody has good video proof. I posted a picture on here of the guy that I thought hacking it was his stats which I might add were off the charts I've never seen numbers like that before ever I didn't post his name because ya know how we're not allowed to name shame. I stayed in the game till the end needless to say no matter what I did I still got owned and in the lobby people on this persons team were calling him a hacker and all he would say is so what what are, you gonna do about it. I'd tell you to report the team or the player that you think is hacking but I don't think the report option works anymore. So I read that the new security patch is supposed to make it harder for hackers to be in the game I have not played yet so I couldn't tell you if this is true or not. In any case I'll keep playing till it gets way out of hand then I'll look for a different game to play.