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So....A New Map Pack Is Coming......


   A new map pack is coming to the X-Box crowd on July 2nd.....I guess that means the PS3 crowd might see it in October, maybe November (hopefully before November 5th?). Activision, if you're looking for an amusing title for this DLC map pack I would suggest the "Dead Horse" (beating a dead horse) map pack. Why do they even bother releasing DLC so late in the game's life cycle? At this point all it will accomplish is fragmenting the already dwindling player base even more than it is now. I would actually support Activision if they decided to make the games more expensive (maybe $20 more - $80 per game) and in exchange for the added expense all DLC map packs would be free to all players - that way the player base would not become so fragmented. Another suggestion would be to release the DLC sooner - so it's still relevant for most players. Maybe drop round 1 in January, round 2 in March and round 3 in May. If you guys think match making is bad now just wait until they yet again divvy up the player base a 3rd time for this last map pack...F@CK IT!