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Fear Teddy, and who exactly is Teddy?


As we all know, the first letters of the black ops 1 map packs spelled FEAR. Now everyone is talking about the Black Ops 2 map packs about RUV. Honestly, I don't think we're looking in the right place. RUV wouldn't spell it to anything important. I decided we need to look somewere else and I found out this. What is the last letters of all the ZOMBIE maps we've had so far?


die risE

mob of the deaD


4th dlc(Y)


Yep. FEAR TEDDY. If I'm correct, then the last map pack will have the last letter as Y. Also, I'm not aware of this, but can someone tell me who Teddy exactly is? It's not richtofen, so don't say that. I remember Samantha said that name a lot as you play as her in moon. She hates Teddy. Who is teddy? And she clearly says Teddy, not eddy or ed or edward (richtofen) because if you listen to all her quotes she mentions edward in some qutoes and teddy in others. So it's not Richtofen. Also in Der Riese it says Teddy is a liar. Who exactly is this Teddy person?