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With Recent Releases,Are you Really Expecting Better

So nows around the time the new COD is hyped and E3 will feul the hype more ,but after MW3 and Black Ops2 are we really expecting anything better ,as current trends show the series is getting worse ,more noob friendly and lagtastic as the years go by,even with super fast internet these days the series cant keep up.

if you are buying ghosts on the ps3 and solely the ps3 then i think you are again in for a rough year,Ps4 users i will expect it to be a little better maybe much better as the new system will be able to handle more.

So what are you really expecting from ghosts ,A revolutionary game or pretty much same old same old

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    I honestly don't know what to expect. Really,  from either console. IW doesn't disappoint me with their games as far as it being not too far off of the Xbox version.

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    I'm expecting a new game, the fact that next gen consoles are releasing adds to the excitement.  But I'm curious about how PS3 PS4 versions will differ if at all.


    I think the console releases have gotten in the way of the COD juggernaut slightly, in an ideal world I wouldn't have minded them skipping a PS3 release and just concentrate on PS4.


    As an IW fan, I am optimistic about the new game, Black Ops2 reached a new low for me, it doesn't feel like a Call of Duty game, I think Ghosts will get this FPS back on track.

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    After MW2 and MW3 I'm not expecting anything from IW.

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    It's always interesting to predict the trough of a game series much like the "peak" of a game series (which is really where we should be at). Thankfully slightly less is at stake than welfare (as with property prices).

    Yes, the COD product has been in decline, but that doesn't mean that the next title will be worse than the previous and so on.


    I would put the COD series from 2007 as follows (taken during first year of title):


    CoD:MW - 9

    CoD:WaW - 9.5

    CoD:MW2 - 8

    CoD:BO - 7 (scored nearer 9.5 on functional games, 4.5 shortly after release)

    CoD:MW3 - 3.5

    CoD:BO2 - 5.5


    So, yes, each series has constantly and consistently declined but each CoD game has not. BO2 was better than MW3. BO was better in many ways than MW2, but unfortunately the connection scenario went downhill from then on, making MW2 seemingly the smoothest CoD in history.


    I have no idea if Ghosts will be better than BO2 but I would imagine it will be better than MW3, and thus better regarding its series/developer. You could say that it is a "new" series, and that's fine, in which case you can't compare within the series, only within CoD.


    Personally I think the major declines can be seperated into connectivity/functionality and in realism/gameplay/game ethics.

    The MW series started well on both, but connectivity/functionality went up with MW2 and shot down with MW3. Parallel to that, the realism/gameplay/game ethics declined uniformly from MW through MW2 to MW3.

    In the other series connectivity/functionality was fairly good with WaW (largely because the longer you stayed in the better connection got, and was linear), dropped suddenly with BO and was possibly slightly worse with BO2. On the realism/gameplay/game ethics side of things, WaW was high, BO similiar and with BO2, it dropped, like a pandering to the "cheap" and to the masses, which is just where the MW series went.


    Until a new team combat game of the FPS warfare ilk comes along to displace, challenge or enlighten Call of Duty (please happen soon), I will be expecting something from the series and checking it out.


    If connectivity is improved it will show me that the devs realize that it's important and has been a major problem.

    If game ethics are improved it will show me that they want to take the game in the direction of longevity and authenticity, instead of fast food-fashion-trash.


    I will settle for one of these two and rejoice with both.

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    For me, I always love the Infinity Ward games - I apparently am in the minority of people that loved MW3 and I played the hell out of it.


    Really looking forward to Call of Duty:Ghosts

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    This will be my seventh year playing the series. If it takes them months to work out the bugs again and lag isn't any better, it may be my last on PSN.


    PS3 seems to be the red-headed step child in gaming. The hacking issue didn't help and the lag comp is horrible. I'll go around one more time with this series on PS3. Xbox may be my next step.

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    Better? Its easy to be sold by the marketing and the beautiful graphics and selected images to entice players. Dont be fooled, you will either like it or not, this is what happens with COD. They lose and win customers with each new series.

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    I am expecting better


    I am also expecting to be disappointed as my expectations will not be lived up to.


    Not a stab at the game as I am sure the campaign could be fantastic; it is a stab at the MP wrt online connectivity.  That is what makes or breaks a game.  Shiny camos and OP guns mean nothing if your bullets do not register and die after taking cover 2 seconds ago.

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    I get the feeling that the real "next gen" experience won't be till Treyarch's game next year. Since they're releasing Ghosts on this gen and next, it seems like this generation is holding the next gen versions back, even if they say that it's being built for next gen and ported down. Because the game hardly looks better than this gen. It's a little better than the step from Black Ops 1 to Black Ops 2. And we're moving to next gen consoles that are far more powerful. It's just sad on IW's part that this is what their "next gen engine" can do. I know that they have time constraints, and so it's on Activision as well. But if Battlefield and their Frostbite engine can look like they do and play like they do with how much bigger their maps are and how there are vehicles, dynamic environments, etc., Call of Duty has very few excuses. If Battlefield can hit 60FPS then it really could gain huge ground this year. And if Bad Company 3 comes out next year or something, who knows. We'll see what Treyarch can do though

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    recent releases are crap, you guys make billions and still use peer hosting, when titles like medal of honor dont make near your income and rock dedicated servers. quit being greedy and make a real game for a change.

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    Gamplay, i don't expect anything different or way better than what we have with todays COD (MW & BO series). Activision found a formula that makes good money and they're going to ask IW and Treyarch to do so. I hope they do something about conectivity. What we can expect is for next-gen consoles and maybe for current consoles, better graphics and realistic sounds. I really don't think we can expect more than that (I hope to be wrong).