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Stat Breakdown of B23R and Kap 40 post nerf__Video with Commentary


I saw these notes this morning and figured I do a couple test. One thing led to another, and I ended up with a video. I'd like to do another video breaking down something I can't find on youtube or google, and that's the aim assist stats for range, how it affects each weapon class at each range, how sensitivity is affected on all 14 sensitivities. If I get a decent response to this video, I'll make the aim assist one.



I have tested the duel wield; however, it's hard to show any video evidence that they have changed since it's being hip fired at all times. I can tell you this much. If you don't use the B23 akimbo on a daily basis, you should not notice any difference with the nerf.

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    Thanks for the video, I did some range testing earlier today on both of the pistols as well.  I don't have the pc utilites to make a video.  Let me compliment you on your's it's very well done, and it's nice to have some concrete numbers.   The kap 40 got  a fairly heavy nerf here, but it was similar to the one they originally applied to the M8A1 bring the weapons more in line with damage from the MP7.  The numbers on the b23r are accurate as well, it lost about 10% of its 3 hit kill range when weilded alone.


    Now, the dual wield on the other hand got screwed over pretty well.  I have  both the wii u and xbox versions of this game, so I was able to do some comparative testing.  The wii u version hasn't gotten the patch yet. Normally it's about a week behind the other systems when it comes to updates. Before the update, most of the pistols other than the kap 40 and the exicutioner actually got a range increase when you dual wielded them instead of using a single pistol. Drifter did a pretty good video about this.  I think the b23r was someplace between 12 and 15% more range with dual wield before this latest patch.  However, post patch they took that away from it.  I tested the pistols on both systems and the b23r dual weild has about a 6 foot longer 3 hit kill range on the wii u over the xbox.  Not that this is a significant nerf, but it's there.


    The real nerf here comes in the hipfire accuracy to the dual weild b23r.  Now, this was hard to test, but here is what I did.  I loaded up both consoles on the same television with the dual wield b23r.  Then I took a piece of paper and set it on the screen and measured the the width of the hipfire box on each console.  Now, the consolse could be running different resolutions, but they looked pretty similar on other things.  Anyways, the wii u hipfire box was 6.4 cm wide and the xbox was 8.6 cm wide on my television.  If you do the math, that means the hipfire box on the xbox is 45% bigger than the one on the wii u.  Now, there is definately some room for error if the systems are running at different resolutions, but that would mean the guns are at least 25% to 30% less accurate post patch.

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    good video, I really dont notice a huge difference in play myself

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      After playing a couple hours with the Kap, I've noticed the difference, but it's rare. Mostly it's a habbit that's now a bad habbit. I have gotten so used to the number of shots to kill, I find myself spinning off target after X #of shots since I've conditioned myself to kill and move to the next target to deal with multiple targets.


      I caught myself doing this at least 3 times in one FFA. They all happened in between 25 and 40 feet. It's really not much of problem and I'll get used to the # of bullets to kill after a day or so.


      Nerfing the wonderful recoil pattern of the Kap would have been more effective towards nerfing this gun. Just a bit of side to side recoil on occasion is all it would've needed. As of now it's still straight up recoil, and any gun with this type is just easy to control.

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    In terms of aim assist at specific ranges I would suggest looking on the Den Kirson site.  I haven't seen the stats for this on there and the only aim assist range testing I've seen was for MW2 and its accuracy might have been questioned since LMGs barely had any more range for aim assist than ARs.

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      I've already completed the testing for the aim assist ranges for all weapons at hip fire and ADS. I found a few interesting things; however, it's a lot of information, and it was 12+ hours of testing. I tried to be as thoughough as possible to avoid mistakes.


      I found the same thing to be true with LMGs and ARs in BO2. They have the same aim assist ranges. Most weapons followed thier classes patterns; however, there are exceptions.


      Right now I'm reviewing the effects of sensitivity in reguards to AA, as well range. I would like to quantify exactly how much AA is dropping your sensitivity for all weapons, at all ranges, and at all sensitivities. It's quite a bit of work, call me nuts, but I'm enjoying it.


      This is going to take some time, since I would rather wait and/or redo parts or all the test if needed to ensure accuracy.


      The holy grail would be finding a way to test the effects of connection in multiplayer to the aim assist mechanics. This is something I don't have a plan for as of yet, and I don't know if it will ever happen. But, I do know that when the connection is good, AA is good, and the opposite is true. Finding a testing method on the other hand will be difficult to say the least.