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BETA TEST THE CRAP OUT OF THIS..........................


I realize with any product there are going to be bugs and issues that need to be worked out.  Thats just the nature of the beast when it comes to any new product.  However, Black Ops 2 was horrific.  The game was radiculously unplayable for the first month.  Still to this day the match making is obnoxious.  I can remember MW3's match making not being much better.  I can remember starting a game being the host, leaving and joininig another game to become the host after the current host quits. 


If possible, if even possible, please make it where people with lesser internet connections are not running around like they're invincible.  Its frustrating to see the guy with 2 bars dominating the field due to lag and hit detection.


There has got to be a way to make it more even across the board.


The trailer for this game looks amazing i honestly haven't been this excited for a COD since MW2.  Do it justice.  Take your time and make it perform off the get go.  There is nothing more demoralizing then buying a game that plays like crap.