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SMR headshots


HELP! lol, I got 49 of them and i honestly think the bulk was just on players who were sniping i snuck up on and shot them perfectly. but what class setup do you guys recommend, when i say you guys I mean people who have the SMR gold lol

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    For me I found I got the most headshots with select fire, stock and ACOG with blue Ranger recticle.  With that setup I was gettig at least 4 or more per game.  Aim at the chest and the recoil will likey give you a headshot.


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      I usually do run with SF, I can't stand that single shot burst lol and if i hit the trigger to much it throws my aim off, I never tried the ranger recticle before, should be interesting.

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        I had a really hard time with SMR Single Fire as well as I couldn't get the timing right. 

        When you get to the 150 no perks and no attachments, definitely go to HC as it's actually pretty easy there.  In core i was lucky to get 10 kills in a game without perks or attachments.

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    I used select fire and red dot site. That other poster is right, if you aim at center mass the recoil will kick up to the head.

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    ACOG scope and anything else you prefer > Hardcore mode. Headshot is a one shot kill, so threat it as a semi auto sniper. Got me through the painful horrible weapon fast

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    Old gallp here wielder of the diamond SMR. Fav gun actually, missing it terribly as ginding away on diamond SMGs ATM. Horrid little gunz


    Head shot set up to get the job done




    ACOG with drop shot reticule


    Aim for upper body.

    Three rapid shots - to be sure.

    Kick does the rest.



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    Single shot.

    Holographic sight + Grip + Quickdraw


    Aim for the head.

    Fire twice.

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    never use select fire with the SMR, the slower fire rate than the FAL shouldnt be a problem for ur finger.
    besides for headshots u dont want to spam bullets, theres a reason why i have a better headshot ratio with the MK48 than the skorpion evo.
    aim for high chest if possible, but dont do it if it can compromise the gunfight

    lightweight + ext conditioning and flank a lot coming behind 3 people looking the other way is heaven
    dont forget a silencer.
    if u dont like the sights like i do use an optic i found that quickdraw and acog worked well, only gun i ever liked that combo on.
    the higher the zoom on the gun the more headshots u will get. look at ur kill/headshot ratio on ur snipers vs other guns, massive difference

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    I'll let you in on a secret - Laser sight and hip fire has a higher headshot ratio than ADS'ing - ON ANY GUN.

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    I really like the SMR (and FAL) and always keep a class with one of the two handy. Good advice thus far but one I haven't seen mentioned and is likely controversial is: target finder.


    TF will rain headshots with the SMR. I also found that iron sights with suppressor and quick draw was a good combo when working on camo for the SMR as well.


    Personally, I agree and never use select fire with this gun. I did a bit on the FAL for the efficiency challenge but found both more effective without it for accuracy and effectiveness.


    Good luck.

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    I'm going to disagree with most on this but it's the beauty of a forum.  Different perspectives and all.  I found Select Fire to be great for getting headshots with the SMR.  If you aim for the upper pecks with your first shot, your second shot will time in just about perfectly to get a headshot.  For me that was the beauty of using SF during the headshot challenges.  I also recommend using a sight because I find the iron sights to be obtrusive.  The SMR was actually one of my easiest ARs to get headshots with.

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    I'm back using my SMR since getting diamonds and I use it with stock, reflex /w valley sight and QD or Grip.

    I'm getting headshots all over the place. I'm falling back in love with my SMR sorry FAL.

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    I'd suggest playing groundwar. 9/10 games people ignore the objective and tactical insert near the middle of the map and snipe all game. Flank/tactical insert behind them and at least you have a few targets not looking your way.


    Im levelling up the SMR at the moment but its a pain as I have a lzy trigger finger!