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You'd think this would have been fixed by now.

There is one thing that really bugs me about this game. I don't know if it's just me, or if other people are dealing with this same issue.

I bought the game back when it came out, and it was playable for the first couple of weeks. Then after an update the game was no longer playable. Everytime I got onto XBL and started playing Black ops 2 online I could play a MAX of one game. Then I would go back to the lobby, and it would either: a. Wait about 20 seconds and then tell me that the server is done and then I would immediately get kicked off XBL. b. The next game would begin to load, and it would say awaiting connection before it would then kick me out, say the server is done, and then kick me off XBL right away.


Because of that I quit playing this game because I couldn't stand  putting up with that crap. So between November and now, I decided to start playing again and this crap is still going on? I have no issue with multiplayer on any other games that I play online, and none of the other Call of Dutys. It only does it on Black Ops, and to be honest, it's ridiculous.


Anyone putting up with this? Or have any ideas on how to fix it.