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CTF on Nuketown 2025



All they did is spawn camp for kills to boost their stats. They would grab the flag and set up at our spawn so we could hardly go anywhere. Me and a few other members of Iconik-Gaming were in the game, so im not just someone raging. I want them delt with and i want them delt with NOW!!





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    You can't name and shame here.


    It sounds like they outplayed you, and not in the most savory of ways. If they aren't cheating, how would you like them dealt with? Is this how "Iconik Gaming" solves issues?

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      U weren't there so u cant talk. If being spawn trapped to where i cant move 5 feet without dying, means im being outplayed, then idk what COD is anymore.


      And no i delt with it in multiple ways.


      This post is on me and me alone and does not reflect how IG deals with issues.


      This post is mostly to warn other players not to go against them. Idk how they are on other maps but if the map and mode is CTF on Nuketown 2025 then i would just backout and save ur K/D

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        Sadly, CTF has devolved into a Spawn Trapping mode, not much fun anymore. As I said, not a very savory tactic,  but unfortunately the game mode and map lends itself to that sort of play.


        But the bigger point is that you can't name and shame here. It is against the CoC for this Forum.


        What if someone came on here and started telling people that IG was a bad clan? You see where this could start problems.

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        Your post here is a violation of the forum COC regardless how you feel on the issue.


        Your duty here as a representative of the community is to post discussions like you agreed to. Not to post hostility laden posts just cause you got your butt whupped.


        Now I am sure a moderator will edit this post and give you a warning. So much for you trying to "warn people".


        BTW no company named IG here.

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    We do not allow Name & Shame on the forums. For an explanation, please read this post from Foxhound-Pro (Chief Forum Moderator).

    Please report the players in game using the report player option. Also please refer to the Black Ops 2: Security & Enforcement Policy.



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