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Does anyone know of a website/video where I can find commnly used callouts? I watch some of the top teams but I haven't got every single callout down yet. I've found some videos but they seen very outdated as they use callouts that I have never heard before.

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    Why not just come up with your own? If you use ones you and your friends come up with, then everyone knows what you're talking about.


    For pubs with randoms dont bother, no one uses them.

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      I use them with randoms weather they listen is on them I love calling out someone camping there location to hear my teamate two mins later yell fking camper! Lol

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    Not sure there are any "real" callouts. My friends and I just have made up our own for each map and situation.


    Develop your own.

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    Teams tend to use personalized callouts and they can be confusing.


    When playing public matches, I use one formula (and everyone seems to get it).  Use the Domination flag locations at the first part of the callout, then the structure. EVEN IF YOU ARE PLAYING ANOTHER GAMETYPE. Most ppl know where the Dom flags are, and it breaks the map into three sectors.


    For example. A flag overlook. Charlie at Tank. Bravo Statue.


    Another easy one is the room color. Blue Room on Slums for example.

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      I will say one of the best things to come out of Elite on MW3 was the "Improve" Section. I loved the Map Design videos and maps. It labelled everything and really helped me develop call outs for use with my team. I wonder why they didn't do this for Black Ops 2?

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    Best thing to do is to play with a group of buddies often. Make your own callouts that you all understand. I know it seems silly, but callouts can vary very much.