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Why the hell do you get put on probation when you have been kicked due to a mutiple team kill.

It's a load of rubbish.

I have no control over other team members running across my firing line or somebody placing a c4 charge on top of a bouncing betty and the kills going down as team kills.

This game and it's rules are becoming pathetic and considering there where no rules when i bought three copies for the household and they introduced the rules to stop people protecting their ratio's afterwards it's about time they started offering refunds,then people can make a choice before purchasing if they want to play by silly rules.

What a farce this game has become my kids are fast getting fed up and are looking at alternative games for their entertainment.

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    I hear ya, PKNEC. I first received a probation period when I bailed from several matches DUE TO LAG. Treyarch fails to grow up and admit to their laggy versions of COD. I've never experienced as much lag from Infinity Ward versions of COD.


    Yea, there will always be some lag with online multiplayer games. But, I've noticed that Treyarch versions seem to be the laggiest. And NO it's not my connection. I'm getting tired of Chat Reps telling me its on my side. I am made host a lot when I join a match before it begins. And you're only made host because you have the better connection of the group that sits in the lobby. So, obviously my connection is fine.


    The COD developers need to go back to creating bigger maps. At least with bigger maps, spawning will not be the issue that it is today. These tiny maps make for crappy spawns. Because of bad spawning in Black Ops 2 the game has become more about surviving after spawning then about strategic gameplay and having fun.


    More then ever, I'm seeing "Migrating Hosts" from people bailing from lag issues. Yes, I know some are bailing because they are performing poorly in the game. But, I also know from talking with other players, that more often then not its from lag. Bigger maps means fewer spawn issues, longer games, and more fun.

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    For one probation was in the game when it came out, was not a new thing added later. For another they are not going to give out refunds just because you do not like how the game plays.


    There is no excuse for tk evers. they are completely avoidable if you play smart and stay aware of what you are doing. Saying because someone ran in fron of your gun... it was your gun.. you were in contro.. stop firing... does not take a rocket scientist to understand this.


    They are not going to remove probation because you or your kids do not like it. Dont like it that much.. trade the game in. they wont care, they allready made the profit from the original sales.

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      Rocket science....you wish?Ha

      Anyway the question in the op, is if you get kicked for TK this should not be counted as leaving the game and then put on probation as there are too many outside influences affecting gameplay especially when the host can TK to his hearts content and the only message that gets displayed is can not kick the host player.

      Is this correct?I think not.

      There.....Rocket scientist explanation.