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why isn't there more hardcore playlists

My discussion is on why isnt there more hardcore playlist all there is

HC Deathmatch

HC search n Destory

HC Kill confirm

HC Domination


I understand that alot of gamers play core but if you really think about it there is alot of gamers that play ur games that actually like and would rather play hardcore because its realistic one shot u drop just like real life besides the coming back to life.

I em the founder of a clan of 128 plus members on xbox n ps3 and all we like to play is hardcore we hate core and we feel that its unfair to us that play hardcore , because we only get 4 play settings we want more like we pay for ur game and ur updates n map packs but we as hardcore gamers dont get nothing in return like we loved playing capture the flag but know you guys took it away from us and put in its place why do that when you couldve just add domination to the playlists like please give us more like add capture the flag and headquarters ,hardpoint, barebones, team tactical. it cant be that hard i really dont see the point about core. Core gamers just remind of halo gamers that need a sheild to stay alive.



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