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Map feature...

I had a suggestion for the first CoD: Black Ops that I never got to post.  I am hoping that what I suggest is considered.


In the first CoD: Black Ops, there two maps that I am referring to, Jungle & Hanoi.  I think there was a missed opportunity for something cool.  The two could have been combined in a way.


I think there should have been a night version of Jungle.  Incorporating very little light (only fires, flares, spot lights & flashlights).  In Vietnam, there were a lot of battles in the jungles at night with this same scenario.


I’d love to see such a map in the upcoming CoD: Black Ops II.  If not in the original core maps, then in a DLC map.  Perhaps even both night & day versions of more than 1 map.

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    I like this idea. I think a good night time map would be awesome especially in the jungle

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    I have often said that the future of this series will be destructible, interactive maps. I think instead of a map simply being night or day... that the best thing would be if the Time of Day was random. You never know when you get into a game if it will take place first thing in the morning, In the bright sunshine of midday, or in dark of night. At the same time, I could see the weather being random as well. Sometimes play in bright, cloudless sunny days, other times on an overcast day, in the middle of a driving rainstorm, in fog, in a blizzard, in wind which pushes your character around.


    I can see maps having destructible environments as well, constantly changing how the map looks throughout the course of the game. At the end of the game, the map looks almost nothing like it did at the beginning.


    Imagine how fresh every match would feel. Hopefully we'll see this kind of innovation in the future, but we may have to wait for the next gen consoles to get this kind of innovation.

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      That is exactly what I was thinking.  I just didn't want to overwhelm the developers.


      Some on folks, reply to this & give the developers the incentive to do it.

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      Unfortunately I do not think the current gen consoles can support such a feature that well. I too would love to see random time of day and weather maps and new equipment based around those changes to enhance the game play.

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        Not to mention that witht the franchise being milked for a title every year, it's be a near-impossible feat. They'd need a delay of at least 2-3 years to make it functional, let alone smooth for online play.

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          Shadows Inertia

          That wouldn't be as difficult as you may think.  Some objects already get destroyed & Battlefield 3 already has parts of the environment that get destroyed.  As for time of day or weather conditions, it can be rendered to allow different situations.  I do rendering for 3D models for real architecture & it doesn't take all that must to make changes to existing files.

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    I like the idea of more night maps. I find PLAZA to be a poor night map as the lighting seems over-lit and leaves very little to the imagination. I hope they are creating a true night map for future DLC for Black Ops 2.


    I think with night maps they can make up for the "smallness" of the maps by taking advantage of the shadows and dark corners that would come with an authentically lit night map. I think they should have at least one night map out of the four for each DLC pack.


    I'm hoping the next gen consoles will enable them to make bigger maps. Combine that with day and night maps, and I think the choices for more game modes will only widen.