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SOLO 1st room Challange!! MOTD!!


Yo guys kez here and i got a challange for you.

Its first room challange. I got to round 7 and it was fu$kin crazy

as Sh$t. By round 5 they start to run at you and only problem is U DONT GOT ANYWERE TO RUN 2.

See if you can beat round 7 and if you do, please post the video up as proof or a pic to prove ur case.

I will post the video by 2nit showing that i did make it to 7.



  • really there are no rules except DONT OPEN ANY DOOR!!
  • you can buy both guns as you will need em
  • you keep playing until you use all ur afterlife and then go down.
  • drops will be a big decider on if you make it to next round or not