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Is It Me Or Is BO2 A Fuckery On The Playstation? Any Lag Fixes?


Hello, I am trying to tell people that if it is my version of BO2 or is it just a fuckery on the playstation. I lag so much in the game im getting shot through walls, getting instakilled out of nowhere, all this type of bullshit. My brother has a xbox and i have played the game on iut and it runs smoothly most of the time with just sometimes bullets not registering. I have a Virgin SuperHub which is in uk and i have a 20 mb download and 2 upload. Is that bad or is it ok because i dont know much about routers and all that and please if you have any fixes you cn tell me it would help a lot as im nott getting season pass unless its fixed as my brother says they will hopefully patch it on the PS3. But its been halfway through the year and they still haven't. So it would be really helpful if there are any fixes and i will reply asap when you do have any fixes. If not my brother says i can also get an xbox so i can play without the constant bullshit lag and with the map packs.