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Need a good M60e4 class any ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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    Primary: M60E4 - Grip (MUST), Speed proficiency OR whatever you want

    Secondary: MP9 Silenced

    Lethal: Bouncing Betty/C4

    Tactical: Portable Radar/Flashbang

    Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro

    Perk 2: Assassin Pro

    Perk 3: Steady Aim Pro

    Strike Package: Specialist - Quickdraw, Extreme Conditioning, Marksman

    Deathstreak: Juiced


    Have fun

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      Primary - thermal scope and suppressor
      Secondary - skorpion akimbo
      lethal - c4
      tactical - concussions
      perk 1 - sleight of hand
      perk 2 - quickdraw
      perk 3 - steady aim/stalker
      use whichever strike package you wish

      the thermal sight removes a huge amount of recoil
      it has a slow reload so sleight of hand helps. The pro varient also helps to swap to the skorpions if caught reloading
      the aim down sight time of the m60 is slow so quickdraw helps heaps.
      Steady aim helps with panic hip fire of the m60 and also greatly helps the skorpions. Stalker is also a good choice since your ads movement speed is also very slow

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    proficiency - attachments

    attachments - grip and rapid fire

    secondary - usp45 for quickchange

    perk1 - extreme conditioning ( dont use sleight of hand first perk no need to reload straight away )


    perk2 - asassin (s&d) hardline (any other game mode)


    perk3 - stalker is a must


    run specialist with hardline soh quickdraw (if using asassin)

    soh quickdraw steady aim ( if using hardline)