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NRGz ELITE CLAN Recruiting AUSTRALIAN players! (xbox)


We are a group of 24 looking for 3 ACTIVE, Strong, and Competitive players from AUSTRALIA that play almost everyday! We need guys ready to do some pub stomping and League Play. our Gold tag is [NRGz]. Most of our members are from the US and Europe but we also have 3 strong players from Australia wanting to build atleast a 6 man team. check their stats on elite for yourself: Lugga 64, Juicy V11, and HSA SmUfEd. Our clan KD is 1.67 which is the REQUIRED minimum for new members and must be 16yrs+. We play 4 fun but play 2 win! Apply here and include a message with your info. https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/6199273


LEADER: Op7imusPito from Florida, USA


We are all friendly but take Winning seriously. I have a 1.84kd and 367 SPM but our 3 Australian members' stats are even better than that!


Message me or Juicy V11 on xbox telling us your KDR, SPM. We are mainly Looking for competitive players atm! Who are experienced!