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I swear DA's have better hit detection than Wiimote


*Whilst there is no video or "scientific proof", this is actually a serious thread. I would appreciate it if A_TREY_U gives this issue the attention it deserves*


So recently I used the DA's with aim assist enabled (just for lols). The hit detection is better than it is on Wiimote. I'm trying to figure out a way to prove this, but so far all I've got is just anecdotal evidence. But I swear it's true.


It's like. you get hitmarkers on moving enemies easier or something. In many situations I found that I could be slightly off on my aim and be aiming at either side of a moving enemy and my bullets would curve so that I still get a hitmarker. That's the best way to explain it. Going back to Wiimote (same host) and suddenly hit detection is broken again.


Surprisingly, it hasn't always been this way. Remember close to launch when the Wiimote cursor was stuttery and skipping around on the screen? Back then the same thing happened with the Wiimote when you were host only. You would get hitmarkers on moving enemies without having to be pointing at them directly. But again, this was only when you were host.


A_TREY_U, I hope the information I have provided here has been helpful. Please take this thread seriously, because I am very serious.