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    join our ps3 side of vortex gaming. Come apply here: vortexvg.enjin.com

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    Check out our thread: http://www.callofduty.com/thread/200652475?start=0&tstart=0


    From what I've read from your post, we are suited for you. Our clan max is 20 members, and we are a laid back/competitive team. Read our description to get a feel for what we are all about.

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    Alright I'll bite, but tell me more, number of members, KDs & such, context PEOPLE!!! :D

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    I would but… I've been the leader (and still am) and co-leader (and still am) of two amazing clans on other games, which is why (my clans aren't on BO II(I didn't wanna move them there)) I would much rather join an established and small but competitive clan bro… believe me it's a hell of a ride making a great clan but you gotta put in sooooo much work & it's hard to get it right.

    Good luck though bro ^.^)

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    Sweet thread bro! I'm definitely on the hook I'll admit. But you already have 20 members on your elite page :O. I see you had a few scrims lined up, you win any? Plus, is your CB team set? If I join I'd definitely want a CB spot, and I've got a lot in the way of tactics. So that's 3 I'm fully interested in… let the final commence!!! Naw I'm kidding lol, but I'll only join a clan if the people are nice and I can have fun, I want that a hell of a lot more than I want a 4KD clan or whatever xD. Anything you wanna say to reel me in? XD


    Oh and I just wanna say extra thanks to everybody who offered me an invite. In one day I've gotten loads, which I'm happy about, I guess the CoD community does have a lot of nice people in it. Thanks guys! :))

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    Yeah we have 20 but we all decided to let a member go due to immaturity. I'll boot him once I find a quality person to replace him. We are currently 10-0. As for lineups, we have them in place to suit us as of now, but that may change once we recruit our final member. From what I can tell, you seem like a serious team player, and if everything works out, you'll be guaranteed a spot for wars. We do, however, cycle members for wars very often and never run the same lineup constantly. Certain members are geared towards certain modes in our case. Over the summer we are going to be running with Game Battles to make everything offical. We have a good amount of college students so GB right now isn't a good idea with finals, etc.

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    Oh, alright cool. Yeah having members be immature or just start **** is a real pain man. You're 10 up? Sweeet, that's a flawless track record, hopefully I'll be keeping that record stain free (xD). Nice, yeah I'm a teamplayer but I prefer leading my squad into battle. I can easily hang back and provide suppressive fire but I'm a point man with an assault rifle so medium to close is my zone. Yeah I agree cycling CB teams is a great idea, because you never want to look predictable. Luckily you're a small clan because if you were a big clan and kept cycling CB teams you'd lose a good few scrims due to no chemistry in the team. Yeah everybody has a talent in one game mode, I pretty much hold my own in all game modes but I especially love hardpoint and classic TDM. Nice, if I'm still with you guys when you turn to GB I'll be down. But in the summer I got a lot of exams & the same for next year but I can make things work for the most part.


    One thing though, timezones. If you're all U.S Killahs (xD) and I'm the only Killah in the UK our timezones will clash and I won't be able to make certain things, where are your members concentrated? What country?


    Also just for the record I'm the leader of a huge clan, with over 90 members. But I didn't want us to move to BO II so I'm a free agent on here lol. That's how I got my CB exp. So I know how to lead and pretty much everything there is to know about running a clan, plus I have 2 years of clan leader exp. So I'll bring a lot to the clan. As long as you're okay with me being the leader of another?


    Finally, add me on my PSN & tomorrow I'll be online for a few hours to play some BO II.

    I'll be on around 5pm to about 7pm GMT. :D

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    We have very few members from the UK. They seem to be on when we are on (most of us live in the US). With the whole leading part, we make decisions as a whole. Typical clans have the leader shout out what to do, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. In our case, everyone has a say on what we should do, and we agree to it before we do it. We are to the point were we know eachother very well and can work together flawlessly on the fly because of our small member size. If you have something to say while we are in game, your voice will be heard. I'll be sure to add you on PSN tonight.

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    Oh alright. I don't have an issue with playing with mostly American zoned players as my clan has a tonne of them anyway lol. On the weekend I'm on later at night so I'll catch you more at that time tbh. Yeah I agree a lot of clans just let the leader lead but I have my officers and always consult them before making a big decision. It's worked our great for me to sometimes just do what I think works :D. That's good that all the members have a say and yeah it's great that your chemistry is high, because that counts for more than skill in a CB. Alright I look forward to your add and my trial xD.

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