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    I'm surprised you didn't go on holiday only to come back to find that your dog must have logged into your account and cheat.

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    S13xZombie wrote:


    Yesterday i was  playing  MW2 , then i decided to go  and play MW3  since  i havnt used it in like 3 days... so when i reached Xbox live    a messege came out saying i was banned for Hacking..... Point is,  i dont  have  any hacks in my  xbox.... neither  i had entered  in   infected lobbyes , plus  i had been lvl 80  for about 3 weeks... because  i didnt  wanted to prestige at all.

    I had no  button clan name

    never boosted


    only thing i was doing after i reached  lvl 80 was leveling my weapons to gold... but now  i cant do it  cuz  of this Random *Ban*


    so my question is....  why did  i get the 1003(hacking) code for ??


    I cant think of a valid reson  for getting me banned


    Hope  some one  has  an idea...




    You're not telling the truth, does this thread sound familiar?


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