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    You don't expect the average COD gamer to use words like 'organically' to describe getting a streak otuside of a care package given that a lot of them say getting 16 kills and 20 deaths in a match is having a  'negative' kill-death ratio now do you?

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    i would'nt care how they described it.. not interested in the semantics   my point is if someone wants to re roll their care package, so what? just because they use hardline and engineer does'nt make them a camper. and whether someones killstreak is ended by someone using hardline and engineer or by someone with a "legit" killstreak it makes no difference. your dead either way

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    Care package is a High Risk Scorestreak for what may or may not be a high reward.


    The Odds on High Streaks is pretty low, plus it is the ONLY streak in this game that can be stolen or hijacked (by friendlies or enemies). It is a pretty selfish streak in that you rely on teammates to cover for you, and it basically takes you out of action while you are waiting for it to come in. I am not a fan of it, but I am not sure it needs a tweak.


    Some ideas I do have, however, are to bring back the ability to alter the course of the package drop. The Chopper comes in so quickly now that you can't alter the drop at all, all that happens is you get points for taking it out. In Black Ops, a quick thinker could get a lock on to a Chopper, take it down, and send the package either to a neutral area or out of play completely. Added to the strategy quite a bit and made the choppers worth taking out.


    One other thing I wish they had brought back from BO was to have Care Package Unique items, like the Death Machine was. Make it things you can only get from a Package. Would make it more valuable, and take away the ability to earn higher end streaks without having put in the work. It would be amazing to make them team or support items as well, things like the Ballistic Vests (I know, I know.. but imagine if they ONLY came in Care Packages from time to time and each team member could only get one). Or team ammo drops. Or Gun Emplacements, etc that could be used by the whole team, not just the person with the package. Whatever it is, it should act like a lower streak and not give high streaks that the user should have to earn.


    The only other tweak I'd like to see in the future is the ability to give permission to teammates to take the package. Someone other than you on your team tries to take it... you get a pop up saying "<GAMERTAG> Wants to change/capture your Care Package, Allow? (Y to allow, B=No). Would keep the trolling down, though as it stands that is just a risk you take when running the package.


    Just my ideas. As it stands, the Care Package is kind of a selfish reward in that it takes you out of the action, can be stolen and used by the other team or Hijacked into a bomb which could kill teammates, and that it relies on teammates covering a position while recovered. Its a very high risk for a minimal chance at a high reward.

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    I have a better solution to the OP to get rid of the care package.


    Get rid of killstreaks completely!11!1one

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    would certainly rectify the problem.

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    How about you stop dying to them as much? Then they wouldn't be getting enough kills to get welfare packages.

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    Noob_Lyncher wrote:


    How about you stop dying to them as much? Then they wouldn't be getting enough kills to get welfare packages.

    lol welfare packages.........



    ~Allen D Rainwalker~


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    Tough luck that is what the care package is for, so players have a chance at the higher streaks. They are not going to remove the higher streaks form them just so you are happy about it. So get over it, the game was not made just for your enjoyment alone or for how you expect other players to have to play the game.

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    you have a VERY valid statement ... slow the delivery chopper down. THAT would make it better. And yes, it WOULD even the playing fields. I think they should at LEAST take out the LAST row of killstreaks. I feel like there should be SOME streaks you have to EARN . This whole care package thing has COMPLETELY ruined gamers on KC. Just pay attention to how many carepackages come in a match of it. IF people were gonna play like THAT ... the f*ck it, make the care package the ONLY killstreak.

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    it usually isn't me dying as much as the randoms

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