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Hardcore Playlist Rotation vs. Hardcore and Hardcore Objectives - An Alternative Suggestion


The Hardcore community provided feedback to Treyarch that we wanted more than four game modes in the Hardcore Playlist. Unfortunately, there are only four slots available, therefore all game modes cannot be represented at one time. Treyarch  explored alternative solutions to address the issue. David Vonderhaar, Treyarch's Game Design Director, mentioned rotating game modes in an early HC thread. Rotating game modes in the Hardcore Playlist have allowed the community to have an opportunity to play hardcore Kill Confirmed and Domination but to make this possible hardcore Free-for-All and Capture the Flag had to be rotated out. I saw a post earlier this weekend that looked very interesting and I'm curious what the community thinks about the idea, if there are any other interesting ideas or if you want everything to stay as is. Since this is a discussion forum and they want us talk about issues, please don't just say "ME TOO" over and over again. Please include constructive feedback as to the "why" to give this discussion merit.

I like the idea of creating two Hardcore playlist when the DLC playlist is not in use. For example, after they are done with the current Uprising playlist:


CORE (12 slots)

HARDCORE (4 Slots)


PARTY GAMES (4 slots)

UPRISING (3 slots)


why not have


CORE (12 slots)

HARDCORE Objective (4slots)  (SnD, HQ, DOM, CTF)


PARTY GAMES (4 slots)

HARDCORE (3 Slots)  (TDM, KC, FFA)


I would really appriciate the developers to consider this option as this would allow a larger selection for the hardcore commuity as a whole. Users, please provide your thoughts below.