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Game lag


I'm not referring to the LAG that people usually complain about, but I don't know what else to call it.


Example: I know a player is about to round a corner, so I lay prone and take aim. That player comes around the corner and the split-second I see him, I'm pulling the trigger. However, somehow, before 1 round leaves my gun. He kills me. I'm left there with my jaw open thinks how the heck did he do that? He had to know EXACTLY where I was.



I watch the kill-cam, and he rounded that corner. Had time to spot me, raise the gun, take aim, and fire. From his perspective, he had a second or two to take action. More than enough time.


Does this make sense? Does this happen to you?

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    Yes this happens to me. Welcome to Black Ops 2!

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    You are finally understanding what LAG is. You always thought LAG would be skipping frames or ruber-banding you to place right?

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      Yeah, I was thinking that the lag was the rubber-banding and chopyness of the screen, but I guess not. As long as this happens equally (because I'm sure I've been on the other side of this) I guess it's ok. It still sucks when you think you've got the jump on someone and they get you. Oops.

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    Every damn time...not to mention the ghost-killcam then -.-

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    That is latency, the game is delayed longer for you than him. Why? Multiple answers, none will provide solace.


    One way I reduced latency was leaving my searching on "Normal" from best.

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      It always had happen but lately is horrible.


      Specially during Fridays-Sundays (guess a lot of users might feel beast during those days I guess)..


      Its literally like 1 second on my screen is like 2-3 seconds on others screens: I would like to understand it some day, seriously..


      You gave a great exemple, lately 75% of my deaths are like that... But if they are on same place as me (we) they shouldnt be 2 seconds ahead (Imean, seriuously, those 2 econds of difference make it has we shouldnt be on same place)

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    happens to me alot! it always seems to be the same player its happening with too. i always call them hakers lol. kids find ways to get an advantage, so i assume it is that.  why would it not happen with every other player on their team too?   fishy fishy fishy....

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    It has gotten a little worse since 1.09...just like it has with each successive patch as treyarch continually and inexplicably tips the scales of balance away from me.