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Ranking up System Offline

Hello Treyarch i was wondering will you guys put in a lvling up system for System link play or Offline mode. As a offline gamer it seems to be tiring after playing it since day 1 offline bots I play around 9+hours a day offline.... I belive alot of people feel the same way it would be a great addition to the game to make it the best Cod Ever...Would love to see what others think and what the Treyarch Team would think about this suggestion...

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    Possibly even a option to enable the ranking up mode once u done so u cannot disable or somthing of the such. I would very much enjoy if this was possible I would indef try to get the update at a friends or Family members place..Possibly even add a Cycle the Map Option to where it will cycle there all the maps while u map 1 game mode...

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