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We would like more guns


I really enjoyed getting the peacekeeper,  I think it would be very wonderful if you came out with a gun pack! Does anyone agree?

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    nope simple answer

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    Not gun packs but maybe another gun as part of the remaining DLC might be fun and interesting. I wouldnt pay for anymore though!

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    Would be cool to see the "retro" look from the campaign (Fal is what i was thinking of) or more guns from the campaign in general. (I loved the iron man wrist rocket thing.) Seems the assets are there so why not use them (barring the obvious balancing and space issues lol)

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    people always ask for new guns, but when I play, I only see 3-4 guns being used...there are plenty of weapons in this game, you just have to use them.

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    It is kind of dumb to have 1 gun DLC and then no more.

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      C'mon.. do you guys really think the Peackeeper was something they designed for DLC? It was clam inventory. The peacekeeper was already made they just couldn't figure out balance for it before deadline. You think all those micro-transaction camos where made just for you? Clam cash again. They didn't just have a few camos made for the game. There where hundreds of ideas. The ones you got on release where just the ones approve for release. Those new camos where already made and just sitting there. So why not sell them. Treyarch is reselling you crap they either where going to include anyway.. or already sold you once. Nuke Town? You bought it twice? You really think they put a lot of effort into that one? Firing range again? They did pretty much nothing but throw some generic textures they had laying around and say they are "set" textures. They aren't original textures. They are junk textures from other projects just thrown over and already existing map.


      Treyarch is ripping you all off. Quit feeding them and demand more of a game.. not just garage sale items they had lying around. Ask for new game modes. New score streaks. New perks. Anything that would actually entale them to do work because it would make them have to rethink balance.

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    no gun dlc or no gun micro transactions other then cosemetic changes to the guns. Otherwise the game becomes a pay to win game and thus is ruined because only those who have points and money to constantly toss away would have the advantage and better weapons all the time.

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    Too bad Weapon DLC is never happening ever again for Black Ops 2 they realized how much work it was to balance so they gave up on Weapon DLC and stopped making it forever.