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Hardcore CTF, what a joke.

I have personally shuffled through the entire forum looking for a viable answer as to why HC-CTF would be removed.  I have not found one legitimate answer on any of them.  Can someone of authority please respond to this post and explain why it was removed?  I looked at the list of changes from the last update and you (Treyarch) neglected to mention that you removed CTF from the HC playlist. 


This is not spam, so don't tell me to post a reply under another thread started by someone else.  I paid the same $60 for the game as you, how would you like if they removed Core TDM? That's what I thought.

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    Go to other threads. The answer is there and it is simple. To make room for HC Dom. This is spam. It is a repeat of other threads. Plus they would never remove Core TDM. To many people play it. Mot many people played HC CTF so they removed it and added HC Dom to see if more would play it.

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    No, they are not going to respond becuase what has been said on the forums is close enough. Just because you do not like what was said does not make it any less true. And this is spam for it continues to talk about the same thing that so many other posts have allready. And no they are not going to put it back to make you happy again any time soon. Just like when FFA was removed to make room for KC.


    And yes this is spam. Making repititive posts about the same general topic is spam.

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    None of the above is a reason to remove CTF, and I asked for a person of authority to respond (which neither of you are).  So move along please.


    Before you leave, answer me this question.. Would you not post on these forums if your game mode of choice was suddenly removed from the playlist?

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