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NEED A PS3 CLAN?? K/D over 1.3?? The Original DrkB is recruiting.. 5 SPOTS LEFT!!


We are the original Drk Brotherhood.. Wwe are Lvl 50 in MW3 and just about Lvl 33 in BO2..


Currently with 89 members and Clan K/D of approx 1.3 and SPM of Approx 300..


With limited space left I am ONLY accepting applications from people that have BOTH games and a K/D higher than that of the Clan K/D of 1.29..


We play across both games daily and all game types.. Look us up and apply today!!!


Here is the link to our page.. Just click on the apply.. (Also be sure to cancel all other applications if you are serious about being in my clan so I dont accept you and then another clan accepts you and it takes you from my clan)..




PLEASE KEEP IN MIND!!! We can see your true K/D when you apply.. When you copy stats your page changes but the applications show actual K/D.. Please do not apply if you have copied stats and your actual K/D is lower than 1.3..