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WTF...what happend to not being seen?


So I am sure I am late to this discussion, but I am running Blind Eye and Ghost on all of my class. My silent type also has sinlencers, yet, even when moving sporatically around the map and never camping the same spot, other players know EXACTLY where I am. I dont see how people can know EXACTLY where a player is when they are running two perks that essentially allow them to be invisible ( I know Ghost is different than it used to be, but added with Blind eye is supposed to be beast). So needless to say, WTF!?

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    Thats why I love playing when the game first comes out.. no one knows the maps. Now everyone knows where someone could be hiding. I check those spots everytime i turn a corner.

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    You really can't "hide" that well in this game, coupled with seasoned players who know the few spots your "hiding" spot is now a kill source.

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    Maybe they are using Awareness and can hear you also?

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    If your running around the map killing fools, and you keep going there gonna know where your at.  I play KC all the time, someone kills me, they keep running forward, so I know where theyre going or in somewhat of that area.  Whose gonna collect a tag and run away from the opposing team. 

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    Ghost is passive and has to be activated. So when you spawn until you move linearly a certain distance it won't protect you from radar. This doesn't include vertical movement like going up steps are steep inclines. I have my doubts about ladders but someone said they did stay off radar when climbing one

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    Just because you are Ghost and Blindeye, it doesn't mean you are not visible to the human eye. I saw something the other day that was pretty funny. My teammate was hiding behind a barrel and on his screen, he looks pretty hidden, but on the enemy's screen, he looked like a St. Bernard with its butt hanging out a cat door. It was so plain as day that it was sad. We all watched him get taken out on the final killcam and laughed.


    I think a lot of players assume they are hidden but really are not.


    Another example would be over the weekend, on Carrier, I snuck behind an enemy headglitching and shot him in the back of the head and I heard over the mic, "how did he shoot me in the head from across the map so easily!?" assuming the guy across the map shot him and not the guy who snuck behind him.

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    Surround sound.   I can tell when someone is moving by the sound.. Even silencers give you away on surround.

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    You do know blind eye only keeps you hidden from air support? It doesnt keep you hidden from anything else. UAVS do not count as air support. Whoever told you to pair ghost with blind eye cus its "beast", is wrong.  It has nothing to do with "keeping you hidden" from actual enemies. Infact it is that useless that i only run it on one class, my "Anti Air" class. It's the class i use to take out helicopters etc with if the enemy keeps sticking em up.


    Another thing, to tell if ghost is keeping you off the radar, you need to look at the yellow triangle on your radar. If the yellow triangle (you) is bright yellow, that means UAV's can ping you on the radar. If the yellow triangle is translucent, you are hidden on the radar. You dont have to run around like a fool for ghost to work, just strafe around and it works just fine.


    Lastly, about calling people pathetic for knowing maps. You are on a call of duty forum, you are just as "pathetic" as the rest of us mate.


    Later noob