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Host is the best position to be in?


So I'm sure a lot of you may have seen Tmartn's video earlier this week where he attempted to explain Lag Compensation and Networking in Black Ops 2. He eventually concluded that the best position to be in is hosting the lobby. Whilst logically this SHOULD be the case, there must be something wrong with the way Treyarch have implemented lag comp into this game as hosting is nearly always a terrible experience. I have asked all the people I regularly play with aswell and they all agree that when hosting they do considerably worse and feel like they have far more cheap deaths.


I understand that Lag Comp has been in every CoD game and is in every Multiplayer game in general, but this game has problems that far exceed any other, from my experience anyway. I know some people have no problems with this game and I'm happy that they can enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed, but myself and others I've spoken to have terrible experiences with this game.


Back to the issue of hosting, I was given host yesterday after a migration, and later on in that game I literally could not get a hitmarker on this one guy who was within touching distance. It's ridiculous. Lag Comp seems to be too extreme on the host putting them behind the majortiy of players. I guess that explains why there are far more host migrations through the host rage quitting than in any other game/


Here's the clip of the gameplay aforementioned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpyOqx_w5Wg


What are your guys experiences with hosting?

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    It's about 50/50 for me. It does seem like the rest of my team does well when one of us is host though. It could be a placebo effect though.

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    Host or not the matchmaking in this game is really bad at times, you know theres somthing wrong when you can see a UK, US, German and Russian Flag in the same lobby

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    Obviously Tmartn has errr failed to explain the stupid amount of host dashboards in this game, because, if host was a great position to be in, then there should be fewer rage quits from hosts.

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      It could be that those hosts aren't playing well, and probably would have raged or left whether they were host or not. When I get host it feels way better when in gunfights, like bullets register and people aren't seeing me a second before I see them.

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        I'm sure this is the case sometimes. But for some of us, it's way to common and would be to coincidental for the amount of times I clearly see a disadvantage.

        Some can call it as an excuse for my poor gameplay and thats fine, but i guarantee if that same person was on my couch during that match, they'ld understand where I'm coming from.

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        Yeah but it appears to be much more frequent than in MW3 and BO1 so something has changed wrt to host.  It could be that artificial ping is much more sporadic with everyone and that there are more times when host is being overcompensated against than before.

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    host is extremely random to me

    sometimes it plays awesome, next i don't stand a chance against anyone it feels like

    lol even in the same lobby it can be 1 game great, next feels like i'm shooting bbgun pellets

    or it changes mid-game when someone leaves and another joins and it seems to make everything go downhill

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    Host is the most frustrating position to be in for me. Obviously its different for eveyone. Since there is so much "migrating hosts", I'ld imagine there are a lot of players that experience a disadvantage and rage quit.

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    Host=God Mode for me


    Everytime I pull host, I know the other team is gonna take a beating on my behalf. Love that 1/4-1/2 second extra I have to react. I'm just glad I dont have host issues like the rest of you complaining.


    Oh and I run Verizon Fios 20/10 with a ping around 11.

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    Host is awesome for me. I regurarly think to myself "I should have died then" when i'm playing.

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    1 I hate host having host.  I know it could kick me at any time and count as a loss even if everyone is on a 4 bar.

    2 Tmartan is a leech he gets all the info from charlie intel and most of all reddit.  Then he acts as it is his own if I do belive.  If yous want to hear about this stuff earlier I recommend going n reddit yourself and I do believe driftor is a good stat guy.

    personally I do belive Tmartan has helped ruin COD, with all these tips and tricks stuff.  All these random ass lines of sight and other BS, it may be there in the game but he exploits it

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    I quit every time I notice that I'm host. Whether its the begining of a game or after a host migration. I don't care how I'm doing or if my team is winning or losing. Being host a joke.

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    Everytime I ragequit, I have to wait for host migration.

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    I wouldn't use Tmartn's video as a valid explanation of "lag compensation and networking." He states that switching off theater mode improves lag however this NO option in BO2 to disable theater mode so I doubt he received ALL info from Treyarch developer.


    In terms of host lag, it's a different experience amongst players. For the most part, I don't have issues hosting most of the time and I get host about 80% of the time. It also depends on who you're being matchmaked with.


    For those who dashboard when host, it's a douche move just because the match isn't in your favor. Simply leave the match, allow for host migration so the other players can continue to enjoy the match and then find another lobby.


    I didn't enjoy hosting in MW3 but I didn't dashboard just because of it.

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    The problem with being host, especially with someone with a good internet like me (95down, 50 up, ping from north jersey to Philly in 11ms with no packets lost) is that everyone else gets compensated, so where i see them on the screen is not actually where they are. emptying  half a clip to a full clip into someone without getting a hit marker is a common occurrence for me. If that happens to me, i usually do the reload trick to see if I'm host, and if i am i dashboard because the game is unplayable for me.

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    Sometimes yes and sometimes no.


    I've had games where I was host and the connection was great. Keep in mind I can't tell you if it would've been better if I wasn't host and neither can TMartn. I've also had games that were horrid to be host where I backed out and rejoined the same game getting a far better connection.

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    If im not host, I back out. Simple, treyarch games are ****, they lag hard if you are not the host. so im either host, or leaving now.