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Epic Gaming now recruiting!

We are now recruiting. We support all platforms (PC, PS3 and XBOX).


If you are looking to join take into consideration that:

- We are active and we want you to be as active as you can.

- We consider our teammates and take care of them if they have any questions.

- We cooperate as much as we can.

- We are a serious clan

- We are a competitive clan.


Before you submit your application take care that:

- Be at least 16 years of age.

- Have a working microphone.

- Have TS3 (if applicable to your Task Force = PC Task Force's).

- Be Mature.

- Be Competitive.

- Able and Willing to follow instructions.

- Able to access this site on a regular basis.

- Able to attend practices.


If you want to join us here is the link:http://www.epic-hq.net/