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Thoughts on DLC schedule

1st DLC was end of Jan, 2nd probably later this month. On this schedule, 3rd will be end July and 4th at the end of Oct. If you add a month to these dates for PS3 and PC, does this mean the next COD will not be in November due to the imminent release of the next gen consoles?

Whatever the answer, I feel we were spoiled last year with monthly DLC for MW3, it felt much more natural to be drip-fed new maps than the long intervals. I'm ready for some new maps.

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    Drip feeding was a new thing, it normally alwyas was the long span between maps. Drip feeding annoyed just as mnay players as it pleased and that was an IW gimmick that 3arc decided not to try and replicate becuase of all the flak elite caught because of it.

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      I get it that every little detail that 3arc or IW tweak polarises the community and that the haters are usually more vocal than the fans. But I'm as impatient as an alcoholic the day before payday, and I'm ready for the next map pack. I just feel the interval since the first map pack is a bit long, and if the interval is repeated, map pack 4 isn't going to get much game time unless the next COD isn't arriving mid-Nov as we've come to expect.

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    I think it will be less time between packs from now on.


    One thing I was very tentative about when purchasing the Season Pass was the lack of a Content Calendar. I don't need to know everything that is coming out, but it's nice to know when we can expect it. I hate all this secrecy and speculation.

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    I think the last DLC will be in Sept instead of October. The next DLC has beeb shown to come out on the 16th.


    Even if the next gen consoles come out this Xmas they arent going to immediately drop the games for the regular Xbox 360 for at LEAST 6 months to a year. We could still see some 360 games this year including COD.


    Not everyone can afford the next Xbox yet.

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    Just looked up the DLC drop dates for blops. Feb 1, Apr 11, Jun 28 & Aug 23 for Xbox. The first 2 dates are comparable, so there's hope my impatience might not be tested too hard for dlcs 3&4.