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Your definition of "Camping."

I think perhaps I have a different definition of the term: ""Camping," when it comes to COD: BO2.

When I first started playing FPS I was terrible. Like most "noobs." My friends introduced me into MW2 by playing 1v1 and just hunting me down and embarrasing me till I got better. Then we went online. At first I would stick to walls and such like they told me too. While everyone else was out in the open going at it and tossing grenades, I was chillin'in the nearest kitchen or window, trying to find a way to shoot someone in the back because I was too afraid to go outside and play with the big kids. Eventually I died less and less and then as I became familiar wiht the map, spawns, my weapons and such, I would create my own style of play. Sticking to walls, running around, whatever. This included camping. Real camping. By that, I mean hiding within a building, or in a corner against a wall not moving for over 10 seconds. I grew out of that long ago.


These days when I hear "He's ***** camping," it irks me, because most times, I am not. If I am moving slowly behind the gas station, that is not camping. If I am relaoding behind a crate after having shot my target only to find another enemy heading to me, why should I not stay there until I am at the advantage? You saw me behind a box for all of 2 seconds...yet I am camping? Sometimes you have to use what is to your advantage. I believe this term has be used much too liberally these days.


Also if the majority of a team is holding down a building and you are the one who keeps running back to it...be for real. Protecting a hardpoint is camping? No.

So what do you consider camping? Surely there are varying degrees. What are yours?

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    Redundant topic.

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    I think what you are experiencing is 'You killed me, but I'm better than you so I'm going to call you names or blame something other than myself for my death.' Mute seems to fix that. lol

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    Agreed.  IMO, real camping is "almost" non-existant in BO2 since you're pretty much going to show up on radar if you do.


    I've seen dedicated campers in groups of 2-3 before, using tac inserts and multiple trophy deployed in small rooms.  They are effective if you don't have a class set up to take them out but it still takes a bit of effort.  Before BO2, it was too easy to camp with ghost in a small room by changing position after making a kill and be undetected.


    What's nice about BO2 over previous iterations is that there seems to be more balance between perks.  Yes you'll hear people squack over Target Finders, Shock Charges, etc, from players who don't care to deviate from their usual play style/setup.  There are perks/scorestreaks to counter just about everything.  It's just a matter of having the right class set up before the start of a game.


    I was in a Dom match on Hijacked last night where we were pushing the opponents back on A spawn.  After we won there were those who accused the losing team of "CAMPING" behind the boats when all they were really doing was being killed shortly after spawn.  Then there are just games where you have a vocal player accuse you of camping because you killed them too many times... They can review the game in Theater if they really think we're camping.  Sometimes it's just better to mute the lobby all together.  Good grief. </rant>

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    People argue about camping or campers a lot, but each and everyone of us have done it at one point in our lives, and sometimes still do it on purpose. I used to do it heavily when I started playing Call of Duty two years ago. I was too afraid to be killed zillions of times, because I knew deep inside it would make me feel inferior, and thus make me upset. Eventually, however, I grew out of my camping shell and became a runner, which I find most entertaining. :)


    HOWEVER, I still do camp sometimes, I admit. I'm certain I am not the only one who kills a guy and expects him or her to come back to wreck me, as a result. Camping and hoping that guy will come back instead of just ignoring me and moving towards another goal of some sort is extremely comforting inside. Of course, the strategy does not always work, assuming the guy is playing with a friend or friends, anyway. Sometimes it's easy for me to feel if I am going to be in a situation with another player like that, so I take full advantage of it if I know I will win the gun fight at the end of the day.


    That's annoying to the other player, of course, as he or she would accuse me of camping. However, that same player has the option of leaving me be, should I be stuck in a corner someplace, and seeking blood from my other teammates. Everyone has to keep in mind that camping is not fun. Period. It's the most boring thing you could ever do in such a beautiful fast-paced FPS game. Moving at extreme speeds and catching people off guard may put you in danger, but will get you the points towards your next level, point streaks, attachments, and other stuff. Camping, on contrary, while it can reward you points, it does so in the most slowest way and at minimum in that enemies may not be interested in coming after you should you decide to camp. There's no point. You'll just sit there in the corner with little support for your team, and very few points earned towards your next rank.


    That's my opinion on the matter.

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    Nice posting...


    What is camping?


    Some say: "When Ghost stops working" (because Ghost only works while moving!) - I would  also say

    it depends on the game-type you are playing.


    The "best" campers are always these little basterds who have discovered some near-by hideouts and changing their position from the one hideout to the next all match long!

    You´ll be shot by them or shoot them during the entire match from the always same positions.

    Mostly using headglitching or dark corners, deep grass or what else gives maximum protection or maximum suprise-factor...


    I do accept already, that "good" camping needs some sort of skill - but it´s the sort of "passive" skill you need to become a "good" camper!


    Camping in fact still has got nothing to do with being a "good, skilled player".

    Campers in DOM do never support their team as much as all "normal" playing dudes do.

    They normally make less score, score per minute and capping less - but they do always camp to reach their higher-scorestreaks to bother the objective focussed players!


    I´ve seen so many of them with high K/D in DOM - but always on the bottom of the scoreboard at the end of the game...

    What is the point to have 30 or 40+ kills with less than 10 death in DOM if you still do only 2,000 points at the end? Meanwhile the best players might have 10 or 20 kills less and 10 or 20 death more but doubled score (4,000+!)!


    I truly dislike real campers in CoD - even more if the entire team is only camping (yesterday I´ve seen an entire team in HC-TDM "protecting" one room on "Aftermath" - great tactics in TDM...).

    I ask myself then: What would happen if everyone in CoD would seek for his personal hideout and stay there for the entire match???


    If you don´t move for a minute when the game starts, you´ll be thrown out of the lobby instantly.

    If you shoot down 3 teammates in HC-TDM you´ll be thrown out also...


    Why don´t they throw people out of the lobby (except snipers!) who always stay somewhere (+/- 10 meters) for more than 10 seconds? They should implement this in DOM and TDM...and where ever else it might be useful...


    My 2ct.

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    RainbowRandolph_ wrote:


    I think perhaps I have a different definition of the term: ""Camping," when it comes to COD: BO2.

    What are yours?

    thats the problem you thinking you have your version of it. Camping is simply a situation that needs to be overcome.


    All it is is a sitting person waiting to be eliminated.

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      To me a camper is the dude who is only comfortable within one section of the map and will always head back to the same spot or two which are pretty close to the spawns through the entire round much like this sniper.

      He did exactly the same thing the entire match either in that spot or in the opening opposite most rounds will have a dude or 2 doing the same thing and sticking to a spot they're comfortable in and will only catch you out if you're moving to fast or just plain ignore the fact you're about to hit a camp zone. ~shrug~ camping is just another way to play and comes with all FPS games.

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    My definition.

    Camping - Where a player sits in a corner and gets kills and only moves to go to another corner (this excludes snipers as this is how they are ment to be played but with long sightlines)

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    What cheeses me off is the french they whine every time you shoots them.... All you here in they annoying french accents is ohhhh la cammmmperrrs........ stfu and die like a pig or look up the work camper in you dictionary's ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

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    Camping defined:


    1. Must have a tent or camper (not camper but camper ... you know what I mean).


    2. Fire pit is desireable.


    3. Sleeping bags and/or air mattress.


    4. Food will be eaten from a cooler or caught and cooked.


    5. Must be outside.


    6. Marshmellows are optional but really add to the fun.

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    someone who doesent play the objective and only occupy 1 spot or a certain area.


    note: someone who is sniping (hardscoping for the kids) is not a camper by COD terms as its not negative.

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    My definition..


    wait... who cares.

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    why define "camping"?


    It is just a word one uses when he/she gets owned by someone else and cannot accept a different playstyle.

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    Counter Against Multiple Players Employing a Rushing Strategy


    -Gary Busey

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    Camping is just a different way of playing the game.  Some people prefer to run out in the open and shoot people, some people prefer to run around with a knife, shield, shotgun.. etc...


    I love nothing more then protecting my teammates as they're snipping those people running around in the open and protecting the snipers backside when people are trying to flank them.  I've been at the top of the ranking and i've been at the bottom doing this, but I have FUN doing this.  Some maps I don't even think of sitting in one spot. 


    Last night on Carrier, there was a whole team of people (same clan name) sitting in one room camping, they did not move the entire match other then when they were killed and only then to come back to the same room.  It was a close match, we lost by a point or two but we had a good time.  The thing about that team, we darn well knew where they were and we made the most of it.  If someone is sitting in one spot and they kill me (I've died multiple times this way btw) and I go back and try to kill them and die again (been there as well) I will either try a different route or see if a teammate has anything to get them out of that spot. 


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    "Camping" = Holding down an area or position of the map. AKA-legitimate and smart gameplay


    "CORNER Camping" = extremely frightened player that probably shouldn't be playin the game. AKA-coward

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    My definition:


    The other side of the spectrum of players I can't kill, next to players with superior connections. People hate them.

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    A camper, in my opinion, is anyone that kills me in a spot where they were hidden or my view of them was hindered. I will call you a camper and quite frankly, if that bothers you, you need to get out more. When I do the same thing, I think of myself as a camper. Get over it. It's an acceptable way to play.

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    In real life no one runs down the middle of the street in a war zone waving their gun from side to side trying to kill anything they see.  In BO2, it's the "right way" to play!